Where time stands still.

Author: cc@quaintmelody  |  Category: photography

Black and white photography. Where time stands still. City Hall, Auckland.

Just a random photograph from a long time ago. Miss the days in the darkroom.
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12 Responses to “Where time stands still.”

  1. KC Says:

    Thanks for visiting. I noticed your name, which was new for my page, so i went over to your blog-site and read some of your postings. :-))

    I get the baby question too, even after being married for 8 years now…*sigh* I think i will borrow your line and tell them, “we will have the baby when the time feels right!”. *lol* Can’t think why i never thought of it before! I was too busy being miffed and thinking, God! it’s none of their business!!!

    Anyway, will be sure to drop by again. :-)) And welcome to the blog-log community! 🙂


  2. cc Says:

    Hello KC,
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Hey I spent quite some time being miffed too before I figured this out!



  3. ugyen Says:

    HI There… You’re linked to my blog!!!


  4. Kak Teh Says:

    cc, i used to work in the dark room too and I do love black and white pix. Lovely photo.


  5. Dr ve Thru Says:

    cc, did you take up photography first or your graphic design course or was photography part of yoru graphic design course?
    You know, my friend’s husband who is/was (lost contact) a photographer and had his own dark room. I don’t know how much time he spent in there but my friend complained to me that the chemicals affected his teeth, hair and skin.
    When I was working in a radiology, I used to hate being in a dark room (I’m not a radiographer)… the smell and the DARKNESS. 🙂


  6. Kok Says:

    the photo looks great. Where is that? You are very artistic. 🙂


  7. Cineylens Says:

    wow! that’s a superb photo (photography too!)!!!

    um, are you pregnant? *lol*

    keep posting…:)


  8. cc Says:

    Hello! Thanks for the link too!

    Kak Teh
    Nice to see you here again. Share you photos with us!

    Dr ve Thru
    It was part of the course and I also took another short photography course few years back.
    I think only prolong exposure to the chemical will caused that time of side effects. The smell does affect some people, but I’m quite ok with that. The darkness just made me felt calm. Hehee…

    Thank you! It is the interior of Auckland Town Hall.

    Hello, thanks for dropping by!
    I am still an amateur, still learning. 🙂


  9. Kok Says:

    Seems like NZ has lots of great places for photos! Should visit NZ if I got the chance. Where do you learn photography course? The course must be fun:)


  10. cc Says:

    If you love nature, scenery and slow-pace life, you’d love NZ. It’s part of the module but I took another short course at the university some time back. It was really fun! You should try it!


  11. Kleio the Muse Says:

    Very nicely taken photos. It evokes emotion too. Beautiful. Looks just like a postcard. You sure are one talented lady my fren 😉


  12. cc Says:

    Once again, thank you! I am just amatuer at this, still so much to learn. 🙂


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