Turkish Chicken on Rice delight.

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Just like my many Malaysians pals, I am passionate about food, good food. You can imagine my devastation when I came to the kiwi land 7 years ago. The food variation was not that bad, but significantly less if compared to my home country. Of course, I know I shouldn’t compare, every country has it’s good and bad points, so I set myself out to an on going mission to hunt for good food, well, good Asian food mostly. Luckily, the food choices over here has improved over the years, and being the glutton, I am happy sampling away the delicious cuisines of many nations. Here’s one of the many that I love, Turkish chicken on rice.

chicken on rice from Kebabs on Queen

Chicken on rice is a dish containing layers of roasted chicken pieces on top of specially cooked fragrance rice, served with green salads and homus. You can choose among the many sauces, like homus, chilli, bbq, tomato, mint and garlic yogurt as topping. I usually go with my favourite homus sauce. The taste is heavenly, oozing with aroma. Mr K and I used to have this 2-3 times a week when we were students because the shop is just right around the corner from uni. Of course, there’s their famous kebab and Mr K’s favourite Lamb on rice as shown in photo below. And let’s not forget their super crispy homemade fries, the best in town!This delicious dish is typically found in many Turkish kebab stalls around town, but I find the one from Kebab on Queen to be the best. Their warm customer service just keeps me going back for more. Why is is called Kebab on Queen? This kebab shop originated from a small (And I mean small, with only 2 small tables right in front of their store) on Queen Street, the busiest business district in Auckland. It is one of the rare food outlet that opens till late (well over mid-night) and 24 hours on weekends. Business is always busy there, and you can see long queues during lunch hours. I stayed in the city centre for about 4 years when I was studying, and used to patronise the shop frequently. So nowadays, everytime I eat this delicious meal, I eat it with a sense of memory.

Kebab on Queen in Sylvia Park
Their new stall in the newly opened Sylvia Park mega mall. roasted meats


lamb on rice from Kebabs on Queen

MR K’s favourite, lamb on rice.

crispy fries from Kababs on Queen

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15 Responses to “Turkish Chicken on Rice delight.”

  1. CRIZ LAI Says:

    Aiya…i just finished a really headache blog and now this one? Luckily it’s on food or else i sure reject 😛

    Give me sometime to go eating spree then i sure give u a follow up 🙂

    p/s now having flu…2 weeks get sick 3 times is surely very bad 🙁


  2. FireHorse Says:

    Too late, I was already tagged by this meme, lol.


  3. FireHorse Says:

    Tag done!


  4. Kenny Ng Says:

    LOL… u tag same 2 persons that I tagged too.


  5. Kok Says:

    I was tagged? Alamak! I better find some food which is popular in Perth here. 😛 But tell you something, I actually wanted to post a food post last night and probably, that’ll do for this tag. 🙂


  6. Huei Says:

    i c food everywhere!!


    hehehe i’m so drooling over the first pic!


  7. CRIZ LAI Says:

    Luckily I took some photos of what I ate last few days or else I would not have the time to post it up last nite 😛



  8. cc Says:

    Aiyo, soli soli. Thanks for doing the tag!
    If you have flu, try Soothing honey lemon drink, it’s very good for cold or flu.

    Haha, you are popular tagging target. 😛

    Haha, same target! 🙂

    Hey, that’s good! Thanks for doing it! 🙂

    I am drooling too. Haha.


  9. Giddy Tiger Says:

    If I ever find myself in NZ, this will be one place I won’t miss out on. Kebabs! Love them love them!


  10. cc Says:

    Giddy Tiger
    If you come, I’ll bring you there myself. 🙂


  11. jimmychin Says:

    wah.. delicious… i wan eat… 😛


  12. KC Says:

    Hey CC, Sorry it took so long to get back on the web, my HD crashed!!! *sigh*
    Anyway, here i am, had to dig for the tag post! Looks like you’re on a blogging spree, *grin*

    And I’m going to do it tonight! 😀


  13. cc Says:

    Haha, I also want to eat now. 😛

    I cannot imagine if that happen to me. Would be end of the world. Haha. Must have been a nightmare! I am on a spree! Take your time with the tag and enjoy! 🙂


  14. Laura Hii Says:

    yum yum…i wonder it is available at Australia??? BTW thanks, for doing the tag.


  15. cc Says:

    Not sure about that, but if you visit Auckland, look them up on Queen Street. 🙂


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