Social withdrawal syndrome

Author: cc@quaintmelody  |  Category: life's like that, thoughts in my mind

As you can see, I haven’t been posting regularly as usual. I am going through moments of mental shut-down recently. Not feeling like going out or interacting with anyone, basically rejecting any form of social interaction. Just want to shut off of everything and live in my own shut down world. I think I’m going through a heavy case of social withdrawal syndrome right now. Normal self will be up and running in a few days.

Please pardon my craziness, I’ll go and stare at the walls for a little while.

Social withdrawal

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5 Responses to “Social withdrawal syndrome”

  1. Kok Says:

    What happen? Anyway, hope you’ll come back to us soon, ok?


  2. cc Says:

    Life happens. Haha. Don’t worry, I’m fine, just sorting through some things. I’m back already. 😉


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