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The other day, I was talking to my friend F about how frustrating it is to look for an insurance company that suits our needs. She just bought a home and is looking to buy home insurance. After weeks of numerous calls and leg works, she’s still confused about the different policies and quotes from various insurance companies. I feel her pain, it is an absolutely tiresome process, but a hassle we all go through when buying insurance.

That is where Insurance.com comes in handy. They are an independent insurance agency that does just that, sourcing various quotes from difference insurance companies and presenting the best quotes for you to choose. All can be done by filling one form online. The form will then be sent to various home insurance companies and you get to review the rates they offer. The whole process can be done online or via phone. They have qualified insurance professionals to help with any problems you have. Simple as that! No more running around or making numerous calls to different agencies.

Other than that, I also find the home insurance articles on their website to be very informative and useful. All in all a complete package that puts your insurance-hunting nightmare behind you! As their motto says, ‘May the best quote win’!

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