Yesterday once more

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Silhouettes in the study . Summer 2007 . by cc

A song has been playing in my mind for days. It is a song that reminds me of my adolescence years. How I wish I could turn back time, back to the time when everything was still simple as black and white. It was a much simpler time, when hardship of the days were homeworks and exams; when serious business meant fueling between friends; when the true ugliness of the world had not been dragged into the picture.

Tapping with the melodies, for a minute I thought I was in those naive years again. But it was just a memory lapse. I’m still here in my living room, listening to the song, over and over again.


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18 Responses to “Yesterday once more”

  1. Judy Says:

    Brings back memories. I was 17 when this song was a hit.

    cc: Ofcourse when I listened to the song for the first time, it wasn’t a hit anymore, it has become a masterpiece. A good song never go out of style. 🙂


  2. Ahbodan Says:

    Yep, the good old Karen and Richard Carpenters!!! How I wish it’s Yesterday Once More. “Those were the days, my friend” – “If i could turn back time.”

    cc: So many great songs, they all remind me of the past.


  3. Nonnie Says:

    Awww… I used to hear it a lot in the car while mum’s driving me to school back in the days.

    And every time when I sing “When I was young I listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite song..”, it’s just feel so ngam!

    Classic rocks!

    cc: That’s right, they rock so much! 😀


  4. Says:

    That is really a song that bring back loads of memory

    cc: Everybody seem to feel the same! 🙂


  5. Vern Says:

    I used to sing that song A LOT when I was a kid. My parents used to play them on the radio everyday so I ended up learning the words as well! Til today, I still find this song nostalgic, though my dad no longer puts that song on. Hmmmm…

    cc: Me too! I remember every words. Used to listen to the song all the time. Now every time I hear this song, my mind wonder off to those days. Great times.


  6. wuching Says:

    karen carpenter! i like her songs too…very corny!

    cc: Haha, lovely.


  7. D A K O T A Says:

    Hi hi !!!
    Thanks so much for the comment! Wow, how funny, small world out there. Shame you can’t wear contacts 🙁
    I actually came across your site ageeees ago! But, your new layout I must say is way better, very beautiful heh.
    That picture of a clock is so creative, reminds me of retro days! 70’s 80’s lol.
    I like your domain name too, very gentle and welcoming. Quaint Melody is so avant-garde… could almost be the name of a painting in some french gallery in paris, nice nice.

    cc: It’s a small small world. Yea, I just can’t put anything so near to my eyes. I tried so hard months before my wedding, just couldn’t do it. Ended up wearing glasses as usual. Funny thing is the optometrist said I shouldn’t wear glasses as it was my wedding day and I should look like myself. To that I said, well, this IS me, I wear glasses all the time! Haha.
    Thanks for your compliment, making me floating on cloud nine right now. 😀


  8. D A K O T A Says:

    By the way, you malay??? All my friends are malay! Woooo

    cc: No, I’m Malaysian Chinese. 🙂


  9. D A K O T A Says:

    Thanks for rpely:D cona link you right now:D

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  10. iwan Says:

    wah.. i also love the older days..

    reminiscing now?? hehehheehe!!

    CC: Haha, I am! 😉


  11. Deng Says:

    I spent a long time in your blog listening to the song. haha..

    Lovely song.

    CC: I spent a long time listening to the song too! One of my favourite songs of all time! 🙂


  12. Jules Says:

    WOW, that was a blast from the past. Great song!

    CC: I used to listen to this song everyday when I was driving, back in the 90s. 🙂


  13. Says:

    Off topic.
    After you migrate, your site load much faster.

    CC: Yeah! I noticed that too! Good decision in deed. 😀


  14. Firehorse Says:

    Love the Carpenters, always have, nice song brings back memories.

    CC: Yea, their songs always put me in a nostalgic mood.


  15. Criz Lai Says:

    Gosh…my heart and my limbs went soft listening to this song. I even tried to control my tears from dripping on the floor. Those were the days when I had my 1st love and now she has migrated elsewhere.

    Suddenly, my mind was filled with those sweet memories of yesteryears, holding her hands, caressing her tightly but warmly, giving her that soft but loving smooches, stroking her hair now and then. It just flashed through my mind but until now I’m still thinking of her, wondering how she would be now. I guessed we are fated not to be together for the rest of our lives. **sob sob**

    When I was young
    I’d listened to the radio
    Waiting for my favorite songs
    When they played I’d sing along
    It made me smile

    Those were such happy times
    And not so long ago
    How I wondered where they’d gone
    But they’re back again
    Just like a long lost friend
    All the songs I loved so well

    (*) every sha-la-la-la
    Every wo-wo-wo
    Still shines
    Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
    That they’re starting to sing
    So fine

    When they get to the part
    Where he’s breaking her heart
    It can really make me cry
    Just like before
    It’s yesterday once more

    Looking back on how it was
    In years gone by
    And the good times that i had
    Makes today seem rather sad
    So much has changed

    It was songs of love that
    I would sing to then
    And I’d memorize each word
    Those old melodies
    Still sound so good to me
    As they melt the years away
    Repeat (*)
    All my best memories
    Come back clearly to me
    Some can even make me cry
    Just like before
    It’s yesterday once more
    Repeat (*)

    CC: Sorry to bring back your painful memories. I know how you feel, to have loved so deeply and lost it. Well, at least there’s memories in you heart. Like the saying goes, it’s better to love and hurt than not to love at all. Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be.


  16. Sweetpea Says:

    i love the carpenters. i love mr. postman and close to you. she’s a classic, the golden voice 🙂

    CC: Oh, close to you! Love that one too.


  17. Eric Says:

    Love the photo of the clock 🙂

    CC: Thanks Eric, glad you think so. 🙂


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