Lonesome journey

Author: cc@quaintmelody  |  Category: photography

lonesome journey . motorway . 2003
A photo taken in 2003, in a car on the way back to Auckland. Using my crusty old Olympus 3.5 mega pixel digicam, my first point-and-shoot. Not bad quality eh?!

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5 Responses to “Lonesome journey”

  1. Hazel Says:

    it’s a nice picture.have a nice weekends

    CC: Thank you! 🙂


  2. rimus Says:

    u got the skill CC… keep it up…

    CC: Thanks rimus! Still learning. 🙂


  3. SimpleAlex Says:

    wow.. impressive.. better then me noob-camera-skill… by the way, that is widescreen? or panaromic?

    CC: Don’t say that la, anyone can take good photos with scenery that great. It’s a photoshoped panoramic. MY point and shoot is not that wide, I just crop the top off. haha. 😛


  4. suituapui Says:

    Through the dark clouds, the light comes shining through!!! Very meaningful pic, nice message!!!

    CC: Thanks! I like moody photos with a little undertone.


  5. shionge Says:

    Looks like a storm there ya….very nice and spectacular shot 😀

    CC: Yes, it was starting to rain as I took the photo. Thank you! 🙂


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