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Rays . Winter 2008 . by cc
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With shorter daylight, winter days seem to pass by quickly.
I was in a daze mostly. Many thoughts flew by my mind.
What does the future hold for me, I wonder.


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18 Responses to “Daze”

  1. suituapui Says:

    The future does hold anything for you! YOU carve out your own future! Make it happen!!!

    CC: Ever my voice of reason huh. 🙂 Thanks for keeping me me in check.


  2. suituapui Says:

    *The future doesn’t…


  3. Jeremy Chee Says:

    winter has that effect.

    everything appears hazy.

    it makes life lamentable…

    CC: But I sometimes find consolation in that somehow.


  4. Daryl Says:

    Winter nights are the longest just like how it’s darkest before dawn. So take heart.

    CC: Yup. Thanks. 🙂


  5. EVo Says:

    Got ur comment n replied to it..Thanks for dropping by!

    How’s the weather? Hope you keep warm and cosy during the nights. The winter will seem like night summer then 🙂

    CC: It’s been pretty bad, very windy and gloomy. Certainly makes you want to stay at home all day.


  6. Che-Cheh Says:

    That’s why bear hibernate. Get up sunny and bright on the summer days and get things going. Hehe

    CC: Yea, winter weather somehow do that to you.


  7. SimpleAlex Says:

    =) future is full of surprise yet mysterious rite? =)

    CC: Yes, that’s what keep us hopeful, isn’t it? The unknown 🙂


  8. KC Says:

    Not to worry. Perhaps it’s just the vestiges of the Birthday blues! And then more of the winter weather taking it’s toll. Hope it will pass soon. By the way, your future looks really bright from where i am looking. Especially with pictures like yours, and a way with words.

    CC, I feel AWFUL! I had NO IDEA it was your birthday! Haven’t been checking in at all, huh? I am really sorry i missed out. But, better late than never, so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you. Your Dad’s message is a hoot! He must really want a grandchild soon. LOL!! Since i already have ten nieces and nephews, nobody in my family seems to be on my back…haha!

    Pictures of the birthday cake perhaps? :-))

    CC: Good things will never be late. 🙂 I’m so glad to hear form you again KC! Have fun in Malaysia! 🙂


  9. keeyit Says:

    Why suddenly so artistic le.. hehehe..

    CC: I got bitten by the emo bug. 😛


  10. simon Says:

    wow, very nice shot.

    and happy birthday to you, too! 🙂

    CC: Thank you simon! 🙂


  11. piglet Says:

    hi there… haha… 3 days apart!! Lol… happy belated birthday =).. btw, did you take those pics on ur own?

    CC: Hello! Thank you! Yes I did. 🙂


  12. Kenny Ng Says:

    Nice angle, superb lighting, and perfect colour effect choice!

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  13. rimus Says:

    wuah!!! sorry for the late visit over here… been very busy lately. btw, a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you…

    any wishes??? 😉

    CC: Thanks rimus! 🙂 Well, the usual, good health and happiness. That’s what really matters isn’t it?!


  14. abeku Says:

    Wonderful..keep you mind open and then your bright future wont fade away..really like this blog so much

    CC: Thank you abeku, for your encouraging words. Appreciate it. 🙂


  15. shionge Says:

    Wakey…wakey pal….:D

    Have I missed your Birthday?? Happy times ahead and may all wishes come true ya!!

    CC: Thanks! 😀


  16. xin Says:

    this picture really tells a lot. it brought me back some old-memories that i have forgotten

    CC: It did that to me too.


  17. jam Says:


    CC: 對,活在當下。


  18. alison Says:

    i’m in a daze too.

    CC: I kinda like that feeling.


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