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Civic Theatre . Winter 2008 . by cc
Sunset over Civic Theatre click photo to enlarge.

5:52pm . Sunday . Queen Street
People hurrying away home, preparing for the week’s start.
A stray of orange clouds appear in the sky, over the heritage Civic Theatre.
I stroll along the street, observing the beauty that is the city.
Sunset came and went away, so beautiful, yet so quickly.
Like many things, it’s gone before we even realised it’s there.

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

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26 Responses to “5:52pm”

  1. AhBong Says:

    man i really love ur photo and the way you write… 🙂

    CC: Thanks Bong, that’s very encouraging to hear. 🙂


  2. falcon Says:

    beautiful pic…

    CC: Thank you! 🙂


  3. Crazyfool Says:

    yeah.. nice one. notice that recently you always write something like that. and i read all you post already.. some dint read carefully lah of cos.. haha.. guessing are u designer? or anything related to drawing.. erm…

    CC: I’m re-discovering a part of me which has been neglected and stored n the back drawer lately, hence the slight change in my writings. Keep guessing. 😉


  4. foongpc Says:

    I like the last line – carpe diem! Seize the day! Nice touch : )

    CC: It’s one of my favourite verse! First heard it in ‘Dead poet society’. Such a sad yet hopeful movie.


  5. Daryl Says:

    Seize the day like a jealous and possessive lover, before the night steals it away! Live everyday like it was your last. If it was indeed, how would u want to live it? Will it be a life well lived savoring all that life has to offer or will you go quietly into the night like a thief. We should never shortchange ourselves.

    CC: Well said.


  6. MisSmall Says:

    Sometimes, in life, we’re too busy running from one point to the other that we had forgotten to just…live.

    CC: Live life, how simple, yet challenging.


  7. Weilian Says:

    Very beautiful picture.

    CC: Thank you! 🙂


  8. Eryn Says:

    Hello CC! This is my first time commenting.

    I can’t view your pictures as I’m blocked from viewing photobucket at work. Sigh. Too bad then.

    Nice writing. Have a nice week ahead! ^___^

    CC: Hello Eryn, thanks for dropping by!


  9. Eryn Says:

    I’ll drop by ur site when I start my new job! Hopefully my new company won’t block photobucket too. LOL.

    CC: Hope to see you around. 🙂


  10. shionge Says:

    Great to know that in the midst of the rush hour, you stopped to snap this….wonderful 😀

    CC: It was taken on Sunday evening. 🙂


  11. eiling Says:

    I like how the sunset rays reflected onto the clouds turning them into orange.

    CC: I like it too! It’s really emotion-provoking.


  12. HLiza Says:

    Hi Cc..sorry for my absence..I was a bit tied up lately. While in malacca, I managed to grab 4 golden yellow kiwi fruits..remembering how nice they are from what you said in your post. And I really love them!

    This is the beauty of blogging..in my hectic every day world, I’ve never paused to catch sunset..but I get it here in your blog. Little things in this world are so beautiful..and how they make our hearts blossom!

    CC: No worries HLiza, I’ve been pretty busy myself. Good to hear that you love the gold kiwis too! They are simply heavenly, especially when eaten cold.
    The beauty of blogging lies in the fact that it enables us to share snippets of each others’ life and encounters people we otherwise would not have done so in real life.


  13. iamthewitch Says:

    I wouldn’t mind going through a hectic week if I always see sunsets like that!

    CC: It’s truly one of the great rewards after a day’s hard work. 🙂


  14. doreen Says:

    Sunset is beautiful yet it is so short. Good things don’t come by often and may know stick around us for long. We should treasure every moment of our life.

    CC: The brief moments of good things make us treasure it more. 🙂


  15. giddy tigress Says:

    How very true…. carpe diem indeed!

    CC: 🙂


  16. Chen Says:

    Reminds me of the Chinese saying “夕阳無限好,只是近黃昏” (no matter how beautiful is the sunset, it is near dusk).

    CC: Yup, I think of that very line from 登樂游原 by 李商隱 every time I look at sunsets.


  17. Little Inbox Says:

    The cloud is so beautiful! A beautiful sunset.

    CC: It really is, I always stare at the sky this time of the day. Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂


  18. Jeremy C Says:

    moments to look forward to, everyday…

    CC: Yes, this is my favourite moment of the day.


  19. keeyit Says:

    That’s why I like sunrise more than sunset.

    CC: This is actually sunset. I love sunrise too, it has an entirely different connotation.


  20. SimpleAlex Says:

    maybe one day you can compile all these photos and ur writings and publich a photobook.. =) good idea rite? when u can be my sifu???

    CC: The idea did cross my mind, let’s see how it goes shall we! 🙂 I’m no pro la, let’s share our knowledge. 🙂


  21. philip Says:

    Awesome! you really have sharp eyes and your photography talent must be fully utilized.I think the orange sky didn’t last long, the most 10 minutes before the sun totally disappeared.

    CC: Thank you so much for your kind words Philip, it means a lot to me! 🙂


  22. MonkeyWong Says:

    Life is like that…

    CC: It really is.:)


  23. Neo Says:

    Beautiful picture. I like the colorful sky!

    CC: Thank you! I love sunset too, it’s dazzling.


  24. ColourfulWorld Says:

    Nature is always beautiful, but it will remain beautiful only if people appreciate what nature has to offer… =p

    CC: That is very true. We need to preserve it so that people can enjoy it for generations to come.


  25. BaLQiZ Says:

    wow…. this is beautiful…

    CC: It was the best sight of the week. I like sunsets in the city, it seems to balance out the noise and haste around.


  26. jam Says:

    One of the most beautiful moment in a day, sunset it is. It signifies the end of a busy day. It also tell us to rest enough for the upcoming day.

    CC: It does, doesn’t it! To me it signifies hope, the hope of tomorrow.


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