Going home

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Going home . Winter 2008 . by cc
Home is where the heart is. click photo to enlarge.

Walking along the path like a thousand times before,
My mind is muddy and body so worn,
There’s only one place I want to be,
Take me home, take me home.

A brown roof and a tall tall tree in the horizon,
The familiar blue door in sight, quiet light shining through,
I see you standing there, through an open door,
Arms spreading, with a smile.

When I lost my heart and the road seems to be leading nowhere,
It’s good to know there’s someone there,
I’m here now, it’s good to be home.

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31 Responses to “Going home”

  1. falcon Says:

    its good to be home…

    CC: Indeed!


  2. alison Says:

    i love going home after a busy day, home sweeeeet home!

    CC: I look forward to the end of the day when I get to go home.


  3. Daryl Says:

    hmm….home for me now if it’s to be called that is a place i rest my head at night, guess i’m still in transition. Not too sure i’ve reached my final destination yet! sigh.

    CC: Look ahead, the destination is nigh. 🙂 Hope you find the comfort of home soon.


  4. Crazyfool Says:

    yeah i love my home the most! haha.. do u just add me.. but i cant find u in my list.. weird.. thanks if added me!

    CC: I see you’re there already!


  5. peteformation Says:

    Mmmm.. the house looks cosy.
    Thks for dropping at my site.

    CC: Most of the new houses in NZ look like that, with the garage in front. Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you around often. 🙂


  6. MisSmall Says:

    Aww, that’s such a heart-warming post.

    There’s no place like home. And you didn’t even have to click your red ruby shoes. 🙂

    CC: Yup, that warm and fuzzy feeling that can only attain at home.


  7. shionge Says:

    Ahhhh…nothing beats Home Sweet Home 😀

    CC: Absolutely not.a.thing.


  8. ColourfulWorld Says:

    It has been a while since I last returned home almost 5 months ago…

    Reminds me of the warmth only attainable at home. =p

    CC: Maybe it’s time to go home?!


  9. My Bug Life Says:

    Truly, there’s no place like one’s home 🙂

    CC: Agree. 🙂


  10. nic Says:

    it reminds me of this:

    If you wonder off too far, my love will get you home.
    If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
    If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
    get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
    Boy, my love will get you home.
    -Christine Glass-

    CC: I love that song. So heartwarming.


  11. SimpleAlex Says:

    Home Sweet Home…

    CC: 🙂


  12. khengsiong Says:

    Wondering if this picture will look better if taken from a low angle…

    CC: It is taken from a low angle (As low as I could get before completing lying one the floor!). There’s another one, but I prefer this. It’s a spontaneous shot, I had to act very fast as they’re walking away!


  13. Elizabeth Says:

    This would be a really great song.

    CC: Thank you! 🙂


  14. Liz aka Kess' Mama Says:

    No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow. ~Lin Yutang

    I found this quote whilst searching for something to reflect how I felt about coming home after 3 weeks away.

    CC: Exactly how I feel every time I travel. 🙂


  15. rimus Says:

    very nice poem…

    very meaninful…

    *WWH wanna go home now!!!*

    CC: Thank you! GO! 🙂


  16. Hazel Says:

    u r right, home is the only place we love

    CC: It’s the only place where I can totally be myself.


  17. Che-Cheh Says:

    Nice writing. Happy weekend!!! 🙂

    CC: Thank you! You have a wonderful weekend too! 🙂


  18. happysurfer Says:

    Home is where the heart is. Indeed!

    CC: 🙂


  19. doreen Says:

    There is no place like home…well said.

    CC: Thank you! 🙂


  20. Monica Says:

    Hi CC…nice poem!!! Have a great weekend 😉

    CC: Thanks Monica! You have a great weekend too! 🙂


  21. Jeremy C Says:


    i’ve been to many places, sometimes i don’t know where to call home…

    but i know where my heart lies…

    thanks for reminding me, cc.

    CC: You’re most welcome. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  22. foongpc Says:

    What a lovely poem! It really feels so good to be home. And even though there are many places I want to go, home remains the best place.

    CC: Thank you! Indeed, it’s the one place we can totally be ourselves without worrying about anything.


  23. Chen Says:

    Home is always the best place 🙂

    CC: It is THE best!


  24. BaLQiZ Says:

    what’s that in that cage?

    CC: You are very observant girl! The only person who noticed that. It’s a cage where people recycle the soda cans. 🙂


  25. johnny ong Says:

    this photo is a bit too dark

    CC: Really? It looks ok on my screen. Mmm, must be different screen resolution?


  26. cbenc12 Says:

    that’s ur home? lovely!

    CC: Nope, just a house near the neighborhood. 🙂


  27. Grace Says:

    I love going home..it’s where the heart is. 🙂

    CC: It’s good to be home. 🙂


  28. Tonyong Says:

    Aww, I love the poem 🙂
    It’s always great to be home.

    CC: Thank you. It’s the best place to be. 🙂


  29. mott Says:

    that’s so true…

    can i hv a second home? that’s where my stomach is…. hehehehehehehhehe!!!

    CC: Haha, you’re going to need a big one then. LOL


  30. xin Says:

    there is no better place than home 🙂

    CC: Yup. No matter how big or shabby it is, it will always be the place we love.


  31. Ann Says:

    Home is who and not what or where.

    Hubby is away…home is simply not the same!

    CC: I know what you mean. I feel the same everything my husband’s away. Luckily it’s not often. 🙂


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