Good things come in small ways

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Postie . Winter 2008 . by cc
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It was not a particularly eventful day, just one of those days when there was so much on my mind. I just wanted to get away. So off I went for a walk around the neighborhood, randomly snapping away. Along the way, I saw a familiar red van parked by the roadside. A postie was clearing the mails. I contemplated whether to approach him. It was then our eyes met and a smile greeted me. We struck a conversation and he kindly let me take some pictures. A few clicks later, I thanked him and we parted ways. As I saw the van disappear into the horizon, a smile blossomed on my face. It’s amazing how a kind gesture from a stranger can affect us. The brief encounter certainly brighten my day.

Fresh air, friendly souls. It’s wonderful how little it takes to put things back in perspective. On the way back, I saw the most breathtaking scene. Thus the story behind my previous pictorial post ‘Shadows in the sun‘. It was also the very same day I took the picture in the post ‘Window of innocence‘.

Let’s slow down our steps to do a second take, to admire the things around us. For good things come in small ways.

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23 Responses to “Good things come in small ways”

  1. My Bug Life Says:

    Great post and photo! We tend to look out for the big things but in a way, small things bring great blessings too in life!

    CC: Thank you! Yes, simple but it’s easily neglected.


  2. jemima Says:

    I’ve learned….that everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile.

    CC: Good for you! 🙂


  3. Liz aka Kess' Mama Says:

    You’re so right abt friendly souls brightening our day. In our travels, we’ve struck conversation with complete strangers and have always enjoyed the friendly encounter.

    CC: That’s always the highlights of traveling isn’t it!


  4. M Says:

    i should try and link your post to all the people I have to deal with everyday and remind them of this.

    CC: Some people just choose to be so unpleasant sometimes, I wonder wonder why! A smile goes both way, makes both parties happy.


  5. day-dreamer Says:

    I agree with your last sentence. 🙂

    CC: 🙂


  6. iamthewitch Says:

    You made your postie look like a magazine model! 🙂 Minus the tongue though. *LOL* Yes, it is definitely good to put things in perspective once in a while, when we think that we’re detouring…

    CC: LOL. He is a pretty good looking guy.


  7. gina Says:

    I like the color reflection of that dude! Very apt description. A friendly smile surely brings out the best in everybody.

    CC: A smile goes a long way!


  8. Neo Says:

    Tongue is out… haha!

    CC: Haha, yea it is!


  9. SimpleAlex Says:

    that person is in black and white, but the reflection has color.. sometimes we just have to see things in another different angle, it could be something beautiful there.. =) nice photo there..

    CC: Good interpretation there! 🙂


  10. Hazel Says:

    i get something new in ur blog today, thanks

    CC: You’re most welcome Hazel! 🙂


  11. huei Says:

    sweet! and enlightening! =D

    and it’s amazing to live in a place where strangers greet u with a smile..people hold their bags tighter and walk away faster O.O

    CC: It’s sad isn’t it! I can’t say I blame them really, it’s a dangerous world we’re living in.


  12. shionge Says:

    Sadly it is a rat race here that nobody stops for anybody ;( I’m glad you stop to strike a conversation with him 🙂

    CC: I am glad too! 🙂


  13. Jeremy C Says:

    wise words indeed.

    all things around us, no matter how small, shape our perspective.

    including the photos that you take which vividly speaks louder than words.

    CC: Thanks Jeremy. Your words enlighten me as always. 🙂


  14. mistipurple Says:

    it’s a good philosophy to follow in life.

    CC: Let’s! 😉


  15. doreen Says:

    It is true that smile is contagious and it can effectively ligth up our day!

    CC: It sure can! Always remember to smile, it just may brighten somebody’s day!


  16. _butt Says:

    lovely pictures you took, particularly Shadows in the sun. which goes without saying why we should always keep our smiles up! who knows, someone might just fall for our smile. =)

    Thanks for dropping your comment on my blog. first time here too hehe

    CC: Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  17. cbenc12 Says:

    i need some good things.. however small it is..

    CC: Hope for it and it will come your way! Sending some good vibes your way! 🙂


  18. xin Says:

    nice picture, yesh i agree sometimes a small gesture of others can brighten up our days. 😀

    CC: Small gesture speaks volume!


  19. foongpc Says:

    Good things do really come is small ways . Sometimes it’s just a friendly smile from a stranger that makes our day.

    CC: It most certainly does!


  20. Che-Cheh Says:

    A smile or small friendly gesture from a stranger will really make my day. However I don’t find too many of them nowadays.

    CC: It’s unfortunate that more people choose to put their guard up and pose an icy facet nowadays.


  21. Daryl Says:

    Yes sometimes a smile, a kind word or even a call from a long time friend brightens up the bleakest of days.

    CC: It is so true!


  22. simon Says:

    hey, that’s one good looking guy, man! 🙂

    CC: He really is! LOL


  23. EVo Says:

    Hi CC! aww, real nice to have u at my blog!

    I always appreciate coming around. I always get my inner feelings invoke whenever i’m here.

    U take pretty good pics. How long have u been into photography? what camera do u use?

    And yes i’m using blogspot now. with a nice fresh layout. Happy! =)

    CC: Thank you! I received a Nikon D80 as my birthday present in July and have been snapping away since. A dream came true. Before this I was using a Sony Cybershot T30.


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