Kiwi sensation

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Gold Kiwifruits . Winter 2008 . by cc
Yummy, yummy, yummylicious! click photo to enlarge

What is that little delight that brightens up cold days like this? This of course, my little winter comfort food. Yes, it’s kiwi season again! No, not that bird! The fruit! The green sourly fruit that makes our mouth water. Winter is the best time to savour this sour sweet fruit. The season normally starts in late May, early June. (I know, I know, I was meaning to write about this in June, terrible procrastinator that I am!)

Gold Kiwifruits . Winter 2008 . by cc
Golden fruits of heaven! click photo to enlarge.

The kiwifruit is originally named Chinese Gooseberry that is native to Shaanxi, China. New Zealand popularised and renamed it the kiwifruit after its national icon, the kiwi bird, for export marketing purposes. The green kiwi fruit is the more common one, but the gold variation is widely available too. The gold kiwifruits are sweeter and hairless, it is also my favourite, so delectable! During kiwi season, prices can go as low as 99 cents per kilo. That’s about 6-8 fruits, nice huh?!

Gold Kiwifruits . Winter 2008 . by cc
This is how the glutton devour her kiwis. click photo to enlarge.

This is how I enjoy my kiwifruits. I use a teaspoon to scope half at a time and have a mouth full. Very satisfying and refreshing to have that sourly sweet taste in one big bite (ok, now you know I’m a glutton with a big mouth who likes to procrastinate, heh!). It’s heavenly! Now, tell me, how do you have your kiwifruits?


Here are some photos taken with my good old Sony Cybershot T30 point-and-shoot when we went down to Kiwi360 way back in 2005 (See what I meant? Incurable procrastinator strikes again!). It is a kiwifruit orchard that opens for public. They operate tours that bring you around the orchard in cute karts to explain the whole production. It’s great fun and a very educational experience!

Kiwi360 . Te Puke . by cc Kiwi360 . Te Puke . by cc Kiwi360 . Te Puke . by cc Kiwi360 . Te Puke . by cc Kiwi360 . Te Puke . by cc
click photo to enlarge.

Kiwi360 is located at Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty. It is about 3 hours drive from Auckland. A great detour from Rotorua if you’re in the area, it’s about 35 minutes drive from there. The place is extremely easy to spot, just look for the giant 4-storey high, giant Kiwifruit slice by the roadside! We certainly had lots of fun taking silly shots with it. Other tourists around must have thought we were a bunch of crazy people who had escaped from the psycho ward. LOL. This is certainly a nice place to visit if you’re planning a trip to North Island, New Zealand. It comes with cc‘s seal of approval! 😀 (but please don’t come chasing me down with a stick if it didn’t turn out to be as nice as I described. :P)

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31 Responses to “Kiwi sensation”

  1. team.warsurfer Says:

    Wow, first time I’m seeing yellow colored Kiwi..

    CC: I think it’s available in Malaysia too!


  2. day-dreamer Says:

    OMG I simply LOVE these yellow kiwis!!

    And I eat them the same way as you did, although not a spoonful = half kiwi. 😛

    CC: The right way! LOL


  3. foongpc Says:

    I’ve never tasted the gold kiwifruit before! That’s exactly how I eat my kiwis too – cut into half and use the spoon to scoop. But sometimes I’m lazy even to use a spoon, I just cut half and eat it with my mouth. No need spoon! : )

    CC: I think it is becoming more readily available overseas now. How do you just eat it without the spoon?


  4. JustJasmine Says:

    My sister loves Kiwi vy much!

    CC: How about you? 🙂


  5. johnny ong Says:

    kiwi fruit is really good in terms of its sweetness and nutrition. how much is it at yr place?

    CC: It goes as low as 99 cents in kiwi season.


  6. Hazel Says:

    i love this yellow pulp kiwi, it’s tasty

    CC: It is heavenly! 🙂


  7. Weilian Says:

    I went to a hawker and ordered kiwi juice but she brought me “yi mi” (barley). I said I wanted kiwi, not yi mi. She scolded me back for ordering in English. Language barrier.

    CC: She must have mistake kiwi for yimi. LOL


  8. eiling Says:

    We have the yellow kiwi selling here too but it’s a bit more expensive than the green ones. The yellow tasted better. It’s a pity it’s not always available in the supermarket.

    CC: How much is it?


  9. mistipurple Says:

    i must try the yellow ones. the green ones are too sour for me. yes, i’ve got low tolerance for the slightest sourish taste. am missing out a lot i know.

    CC: Then this one will be perfect for you! 🙂


  10. Borneo Falcon Says:

    I like kiwi fruit too, be it yellow or green

    CC: Great source of Vit C, and good for skin too! (I am so vain. LOL)


  11. Jeremy C Says:

    i’m a big fan of kiwi fruits, but i’ve never seen or tasted the gold variety!

    this is an eye opener 🙂

    how do i enjoy it? same way you do – scoop it with a teaspoon.


    CC: You should be able to find it in Australia too! Look for it! It tastes great!


  12. xin Says:

    hmmm never seen a yellow kiwi before too. i love kiwis!

    CC: Look for it! It tastes great! 🙂


  13. HLiza Says:

    I love kiwi fruits too! I had never seen them yellow..they’re always green here in supermarkets. It must taste very nice…droolllll…

    Cc, they say you can lose weight by eating lots of kiwi’s that true? I don’t mind ‘borong’ a full sack the next time you’re coming back to Msia!

    CC: Not sure about the loosing weight part. For me, the best way is still through exercising. LOL


  14. kaycee Says:

    It doesn’t matter what camera you use, you always come up with fab pictures.
    I love kiwi fruit! (and to answer your question – i always enjoy my kiwi with a teaspoon) x

    CC: You just made my day with that statement kaycee! Thank you very much!


  15. josephine Says:

    Wow! KIWI!!!
    I love KIWI too!

    CC: It’s one of the love my life! 🙂


  16. Daryl Says:

    I suddenly want to eat kiwi fruits now! Think i want to go to the supermarket now! =)

    CC: Haha, tempting huh! 😀


  17. iamthewitch Says:

    I haven’t seen a gold kiwi before, let a lone taste it! But it sure does sound tasty! I never really like sour fruits, so I never fancy green kiwis a lot. But if the gold kiwi is sweet, I’m all for it! 🙂

    CC: It is sweet, different from the green kiwi. You will like it!


  18. Chen Says:

    i eat it the same way as u did, but not to the extend of half a fruit per scoop.

    CC: I am such a glutton. LOL


  19. hm Says:

    wow…nice kiwi…
    i love kiwi

    CC: Hello, thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  20. clichegal Says:

    I never knew there are yellow ones.. hmm must try out if I were to come to New Zealand.. ^)^…kiwi is not really on the top of my list cause I have zero tolerance to sourness… thus I always have my kiwis with yoghurt.. ^_^

    CC: This one is not sour. It goes perfectly with yogurt, I agree. 🙂


  21. suituapui Says:

    They’re pretty much the same – green or gold…but the green ones may be a bit sour at times. I think I prefer our buah dabai! LOL!!!

    CC: The green ones are mostly sour. What is buah dabai?


  22. clement Says:

    stp.. gold taste better… cc can fed-ex it here? he he, not sold here.. btw.. its eaten with or without the skin?

    CC: I think it’s available in some supermarket in Malaysia, not sure which one. If I fed-ex it, you’ll be literally eating gold then. LOL. It’s eaten without the skin of course! Did you eat it with the skin?


  23. doreen Says:

    Arhhh~~~the yellow, the golden, the hairless. My favourite!

    CC: Mine too! 😀


  24. Jian Says:

    oh boy yellow kiwi?!?! it’s my 1st time seeing it! pls cc pls pos laju some over can? wopps i mean DHL maybe? why malaysia haven’t seen it b4 ei?

    CC: I heard it’s available in Malaysia, have to search for it! Next time I go back, you let me know, I bring some. 😀


  25. yanz Says:

    wow, first time i’m seeing these yellow-colored kiwis. I’m not a big fan of kiwis tho’, ‘cos they’re too sour for me… too badddd… =(

    how i eat them? same way u do! 😀

    btw, ur pics are beautifully taken, as usual =)

    CC: The gold kiwis are not sour, very sweet! Should try them! 🙂


  26. miao Says:

    wo…. this is what i miss out

    CC: Did you have problem view my blog?


  27. sasha Says:

    ooo i remember eating it during winter in adelaide last time…so so so so nice.. my first time eating gold kiwi fruit

    CC: 😀


  28. yanz Says:

    sweet?? ok, i’ll be looking out for yellow kiwis next time i go shopping! 😀

    CC: Go! Let me know what you think!


  29. eiling Says:

    Sorry, i can’t really remember how much it is.

    CC: No worries.:)


  30. Ann Says:

    The gold ones are too pricey for a morsel in Msia.

    I eat the kiwi exactly like you do!!! Is there another way to eat it?

    CC: Just like how lychee and mangosteens are way expensive here. They are sold by piece.
    Well, I’ve seen people pealed of the skin and eat it like an apple. LOL


  31. mang0 Says:

    That is the best way to eat kiwi! 🙂
    I just tried the yellow (gold) ones for the first time last night, and I think it’s much nicer than the green ones. The fruit is firmer, and juicier.

    CC: It is very satisfying to eat like this. Yes, it is better than the green ones I think. Especially for those who can’t tolerate sour fruits.


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