My guardian angel

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Love you mama . Winter 2008 . by cc
I love you mama! click photo to enlarge.

56 winters ago, an angel came to this world.
She carries such grace and love;
Fairies dodge away in shame.
She touches lives with her kindness and smiles;
Her warmth flows deep into souls like a refreshing creek.
She has touched many lives;
She bestows me the ability to love.
She’s the star, the very person I look up to;
She’s my mama, the reason I live everyday with love.
Happy Birthday mama! I love you very very much!


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24 Responses to “My guardian angel”

  1. day-dreamer Says:

    Happy birthday to cc’s mama!

    (Erm I think I can’t hear any media in your blog due to some missing plugins. =X)


  2. JustJasmine Says:

    CC, nice poem and photo.
    Happy Birthday to your Angelic Mama 🙂


  3. HLiza Says:

    Happy birthday to your mama! I love your words..


  4. suituapui Says:

    Happy birthday to ur mum! Gee! I’m as old as her! May God bless us with long and happy lives…and lots of grandchildren! Hahahahahaha!!!

    P.S.: I’ve done ur tag…or part of it, at least! Something’s better than nothing, eh? LOL!!


  5. emotionalistic Says:

    Great song, great picture, great post :). Happy Birthday to your mum :D.


  6. annant Says:

    eppie burfdae to aunty 😀
    nice poem 🙂


  7. annant Says:

    and today’s my friend’s burfdae too 🙂


  8. ColourfulWorld Says:

    Happy Bday to your beloved mama.

    Mama sacrificed everything just for us hence they are truly remarkable and amazing.

    Hope you will become a good mama in the future! =)


  9. AhBong Says:

    happy birthday to ur mama!


  10. EVo Says:

    Appy Birthday to CC MAMA.She’s same age as my mama too.hehe. all my warmest wishes! 🙂


  11. simon Says:

    hepi beday to cc’s mama! 🙂


  12. Jemima Says:

    Happy Birthday to Aunty. 🙂

    As the saying goes, “Like mother, like daughter”.. hence, I’m sure you are every bit as graceful, loving & kind as her. 😉


  13. peteformation Says:

    Happy Birthday to Your Mom! Wish her all the best!


  14. philip Says:

    Happy birthday to your mum. I am sure you feel bad without celebrating the occassion with her in person.


  15. Jeremy C Says:

    happy birthday, aunty! still very young 🙂

    you’re lucky to have such filial daughter!

    and cc, cherish your mum always 🙂


  16. nic Says:

    tat’s sweet! im missing my mum now 🙂


  17. doreen Says:

    A mum’s love is the greatest gift.

    Happy birthday to cc’s mum. Wish you a happy day, everyday!


  18. narrowband Says:

    This is very sweet… Happy belated birthday Mama CC!!


  19. cc Says:

    Thank you very much for your well wishes everybody! My mama and I appreciate them. 😀


  20. Che-Cheh Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to your mom. Wow we share the same birthday. Hehe


  21. tekkaus Says:

    Happy Birthday Auntie! =) Wishes you always healthy and stay happy. Where’s my birthday present? Ha =)


  22. Daryl Says:

    Happy belated B’day to your mom and many happy returns!


  23. chinnee Says:

    this is so beautiful!!!


  24. happysurfer Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to your mom, CC, and many, many more happy returns.


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