Orakei Marina, Auckland

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Here are some photos taken at the Orakei Marina, Auckland a few weeks ago, on a bright winter day. It was freezing cold even though it seemed warm and bright in the pictures. Orakei Marina is located on the scenic Tamaki Drive at Okahu Bay in Auckland. It is home to various luxurious large vessels. The view of Auckland city’s skyline and Hauraki Gulf from here is pretty amazing. We were fortunate enough to gain access to a part of the Marina that’s usually close to public due to a kind gesture from a friendly security guard, Lou. She even posed for me! You’ll see her cool photo below. 😀

I’ll let the pictures do the talking here. Hope the many photos brighten up your Monday! 🙂

Wait for the photos to fully load then click the main photo. Move your cursor to left/right side of photo to go to the next or previous photo.

Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc
Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Lou the cool security guard . Winter 2008 . by cc
Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc Orakei Bay . Winter 2008 . by cc

p/s: If you missed the Olympic opening ceremony, there are some amazing photographs here.
Special thanks to narrowband for the link!

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39 Responses to “Orakei Marina, Auckland”

  1. iamthewitch Says:

    Amazing shots, cc 🙂 Definitely put a smile on my face on this bluesy monday! 🙂


  2. shionge Says:

    Sure brighten up my Monday and for the rest of the weeks cc 😀


  3. BaLQiZ Says:

    Wow… you really hav great photo skills!


  4. clement Says:

    if u missed the opening ceremony.. download it, now its available in hd…
    nice looking skills, nice shots, the composition and everything is neat


  5. SimpleAlex Says:

    is that ur bike? =)

    CC: Nope. If you pay close attention to the photo, there’s a boy behind the pole, it’s his bike. 😉


  6. khengsiong Says:

    Excellent images. Thanks for sharing.


  7. gina Says:

    hi cc! great pictures! I will be adding you in my muse list! 😀


  8. suituapui Says:

    This isn’t the marina where one takes a ferry to the city, I guess? Doesn’t look very familiar. My brother’s house is near that one.

    CC: No, this one is not ferry dock. It’s a marina for luxury vessels near Mission Bay.


  9. suituapui Says:

    Btw, ur photos are very very nice! Becoming a real pro now eh? 🙂


  10. M Says:

    lucky you. You have way more “subjects” for photography than what I have here but all that will change soon 😉

    CC: Going somewhere?


  11. Neo Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.


  12. cbenc12 Says:

    wow great pics. i always love jetty and yatch.. they are just awesome! wif the blue blue sky..


  13. Che-Cheh Says:



  14. mistipurple Says:

    i always feel ‘freedom’ when i see your photos.


  15. miao Says:

    miss NZ…


  16. Monica Says:

    wow…nice! nice!!! 😉


  17. MisSmall Says:

    Great pictures as usual, gal. And thanks for the reply. 🙂


  18. foongpc Says:

    Excellent photos as usual! I now humbly offer you an award for your fantastic blog which I enjoy reading (and sometimes just looking) very much!

    Please collect your award at my blog


  19. Kenny Ng Says:

    Your pictures really make me can’t wait to get a DSLR.


  20. eastcoastlife Says:

    Very well taken photos! And a beautiful place to be … mmmm…


  21. EliteVillain Says:

    just 3days after olympic and you are off to another country? walao so active! Show me more pic inside the ship 😛

    CC: I’ve always been in the other country! 🙂 Didn’t take any photos of the inside as the boats are private property, couldn’t trespass.


  22. Jeremy C Says:

    That’s it – I’m booking a flight to auckland soon…

    So pretty, so amazing… and your photography skills can put some so-called pros out of business. well done!

    no wonder so many of my friends moved to nz… i should consider…


  23. Jian Says:

    i wanna see lou uncovered!! It’s always a suspenseful feeling to see ppl like this being revealed.. 🙂


  24. alison Says:

    wow! beautiful! 🙂


  25. team.warsurfer Says:

    Wow, awesome photos!

    Keep them coming!



  26. Chen Says:

    Nice and lovely photos 🙂


  27. HLiza Says:

    Wow..wow..wow!!! Cc..your photos are really amazing! The scenery is so gorgeous and I love the way you freeze them all…Oh I’ve died and gone to photography heaven..


  28. narrowband Says:

    Excellent photos indeed! Love that blue sky. Did I also see HDR? The one with the blackish-looking clouds. Nice scenery! Love NZ…

    CC: Not HDR, just a little vignetting and curves in photoshop.


  29. rimus Says:

    wow!!! i’m impressed by ur photoshots!!!

    *WWH Droolingsss*


  30. bongkersz Says:

    Wah! Wery nice photos there! Impressive! I am so in envy 😛


  31. abeku Says:

    Amazing shot, nice scene..love your work la my dear..but i wish i’ll be there on day..


  32. huei Says:

    wow wow wow!!! the place looks amazing!!! love ur pictures! =D


  33. keeyit Says:

    very awesome pictures.


  34. the constantly dramatic one Says:

    Wow girl. You do have talent.


  35. cc Says:

    Thanks for the compliments you all! I really appreciate that! Your kind words motivate me to do better! 😀


  36. Liz aka Kess' Mama Says:

    Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. NZ is one of my fav travel destinations. In fact, the header on my blog was taken when I was parapenting in Queesnstown, adventure capital of the world (in my opinion…)Never been to North Island before. Your pics are great.

    CC: Hello! Thanks for dropping by! Yes Queenstown is indeed the adventure capital of the world! Love the town!


  37. Daryl Says:

    Wow looking at your fabulous pics, i really can’t wait to visit my sis soon in Auckland! Keep snapping away!

    CC: When are you visiting next?


  38. johnny ong Says:

    nice pics indeed. nz certainly has beautiful sceneries.


  39. Daryl Says:

    Hopefully early next year if i can get away. Would want move between North & South islands and do some treks, who knows mebbe with a view to stay put permanently! LOL! I can see the possibilities.

    CC: That’s good! I’m sure you’ll have a great time! 🙂


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