Shadows in the sun

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Huntington Park . Winter 2008 . by cc
A hauntingly beautiful view of the park in the afternoon. click photo to enlarge

The sun finally came out Monday afternoon, winds blew away the gloomy clouds.
Rays shining through tall trees towering from a distance, casting long shadows on the emerald field.
Walking along the familiar path, relaxing myself in the lush atmosphere,
I detected a mist of sweetness in the air.
The storm didn’t come, it’s a good day after all.

Share with me, my friends, your relaxing moments of the day.


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34 Responses to “Shadows in the sun”

  1. Weilian Says:

    Wow, the picture is simply amazing!

    CC: Thank you! 🙂


  2. Daryl Says:

    My relaxing moment of the day would be trekking. Walking among the trees, hearing the cicadas sing, the twitter of the occasional bird and smelling the sweet breath of the forest air.

    CC: The sweet scene of the forest is really refreshing!


  3. Daryl Says:

    CC by the way, amazing pic, i like how the long shadows from the trees swept across the park, really gives it perspective. Good job!

    CC: Thank you Daryl! I was stunned by the view at that very moment.


  4. alison Says:

    nice one there cc.
    me? evening, a book and my cat next to me.

    CC: Thanks! Reading is indeed a great way to relax.


  5. shionge Says:

    In the afternoon??? Now?? What a beautiful sight cc 🙂

    I’m so relaxed now just by being here, thank you 😉

    CC: It was yesterday afternoon. 🙂 Thank YOU!


  6. keeyit Says:

    I do hope that I have such a valuable time to do that.. It has been quite sometime I din go to those taman for walk walk

    CC: Should make time to go for a walk. Helps ease the clouded mind! 🙂


  7. Vern Says:

    My relaxing moment would be when the world is sleeping. That would be very early in the morning, just as the sun is about to rise, sipping a cup of coffee and catching up with my emails; or late at night, turning off all lights except my table lamp reading a book while listening to my favourite CD. And then to think, and thank God that I exist.

    CC: Sounds good! One of my relaxing moment too, except it’d be after the world has gone to sleep at night. The stillness at night gives me a sense of enlightenment and peace.


  8. JustJasmine Says:

    My relaxing moment is when I fly with pair of wings ;D Heh heh 😉

    CC: I believe I can fly! LOL


  9. huei Says:

    amazing New Zealand is! wish there’s a nice park here with no pollution!! ok maybe there is..i’m stuck in the office most of the time!

    my most relaxing moment? going home and hugging my Baby!! =D hehehe

    CC: Well, that’s what NZ is all about isn’t it!


  10. My Bug Life Says:

    I really like your weather themed photos!

    CC: Thank you! I like it too. 🙂


  11. snippets Says:

    so peaceful! been ages since i’ve been to a park …

    CC: Get out and go to one! 🙂


  12. SimpleAlex Says:

    My relaxing moment is a cup of coffee, @ cafe, on my lappie reading your blog enjoying nice pics. thee hee hee..

    CC: Aw…. Thanks for your constant support Alex! 😀


  13. BaLQiZ Says:

    awwww… the scene took my breath away! sigh! sooo beautiful… me i mean hahahahahahha kidding

    CC: LOL! 😛


  14. Lobak Says:

    awesome picture!!

    My relaxing moment = Clear skies, cooling breeze and a beautiful beach!

    CC: Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  15. Darren Says:

    Droppin by..very unique blog you have!
    I love your pics! and all the poetic sentences..very nice

    CC: Thank you very much! 🙂


  16. Cmate Says:

    Love the photos you have in your blog… i dont say much but i do come by often lor. Keep the photos coming, baby!

    CC: I know you’re lurking somewhere in the background. LOL 😛 Thanks Cmate!


  17. shionge Says: kidding NZ$17 for Mangoesteen??? That’s too expensive an indulgence for sure ya.

    CC: I have photo to proof my friend! Way too expensive.


  18. Che-Cheh Says:

    I would love to do that one day… a walk in NZ garden hehe.

    Unfortunately my relaxing moment is when I’m in front of the PC surfing.

    CC: Come come, I bring you around. I find it relaxing while using the computer too. Suck a geek! LOL


  19. giddy tigress Says:

    I am most relaxed when I am lying down on my bed, just about to fall asleep.

    CC: I’d be too tired to relax by then. LOL


  20. miao Says:


    CC: 然後就慢慢地睡著了。


  21. Adino Says:

    I wish I could take great photos like you.

    The trees are framed nicely, the branches are perfectly in focus, the shadows cast a pattern on the ground!

    The photo will be even nicer if you can photoshop out the electric cable tower


    CC: I’m still learning. 🙂 Hey, good idea!


  22. Hazel Says:

    the picture make me feel relaxing..

    CC: 🙂


  23. Nonnie Says:

    Your photo is so beautiful. And I felt like writing some intellectual Chinese words but fail.

    CC: Thank you nonnie! 🙂 Just be you, I like your style.


  24. doreen Says:

    We had a good day here too, and tomorrow is gonna be another gorgeous one. YAY! Hope you too having a good one. (^_^)

    CC: There’s still occasion rains over here, well, at least not all day long. Have a great week! 🙂


  25. Jeremy C Says:

    my relaxing moment of the day is looking at your picture of Huntington Park.

    lovely, just lovely…

    CC: Thank you Jeremy, glad to hear that! 🙂


  26. xin Says:

    all your photos are so amazing!!!

    CC: Thank you very much! That means a lot to me. 🙂


  27. philip Says:

    Very nice photo!

    CC: Thank you! I hope I’ll keep improving. 🙂


  28. Grace Says:

    My relaxing moment is when I’m tucked into bed, hugging my soft toy (I know I’m old but I can’t help it!) and covered in my blanket, thinking of the good things that happened today.

    CC: My favourite thing to do too! 😉


  29. wombok Says:

    That’s lovely. It’s views like that, that make me miss Australia alot.

    CC: 🙂


  30. abeku Says:

    It is really stunning. My relaxing moments is when all bill has been settled..that long sigh.

    CC: Thank you! Oh I know that sigh. LOL


  31. happysurfer Says:

    Love this picture. It’s like a lovely postcard. Beautiful. Trees fascinate me, always. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    CC: Thanks for your compliments. Hope to see you around here.


  32. team.warsurfer Says:


    Too bad I cant find such scenery in Malaysia..

    CC: There’s beauty in every scene, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. 🙂


  33. daphne Says:

    Great picture! I love how the shadow of the trees reflect on the ground!

    CC: Thank you! I like it too. 😉


  34. delima Says:

    hi there!
    this is my first time here. Just can’t resist myself to left a note that you have a great collection of photos here! i bet one of the best colection i’ve ever seen.

    keep up the good work!!

    CC: Hi delima, thanks for your message. I love sharing the photos too. Hope to see you again! 🙂


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