Silver lining

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Clouds . Winter 2008 . by cc
Can you spot the rainbow? click photo to enlarge.

After what seemed to be two days of sunshine, the rain resumed. Gloomy clouds roam the skies once again. Although the greyness can turn one’s emotion to be melancholy, it certainly has done some good to my much neglected garden.

Isn’t that how life is? There’s always two sides to a story, always a silver lining in sight, although sometimes we need to really pay attention to see it. Much like the faint rainbow in the picture, it is there, just subtly, waiting for you to discover.

Sometimes, perception is everything.

UPDATE: The answer is here. Did you spot it? 😉

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32 Responses to “Silver lining”

  1. JustJasmine Says:

    I can’t spot the rainbow… ;/

    But I do agree with you CC that sometimes perception is everything 😀

    CC: I’ll update with a photo that highlight the rainbow later. 🙂


  2. Weilian Says:

    I think my colour blind is getting worse. I cannot see any rainbow at all.

    CC: It’s quite hard to spot actually. 😉


  3. shionge Says:

    To me, there’ll always be sunshine after the rain and in this case after the stormy weather 🙂

    So yayyy…rainbow means your dream will come true cc 😉

    CC: Yay! Thanks shionge, you’re always my voice of optimism. 🙂


  4. Ann Says:

    Very true. Nicely put.

    CC: Thank you Ann! 🙂


  5. MisSmall Says:

    Well said.

    It’s hard to see through the clouds. But when those gloomy days are over, more often than not, you realise that the sunshine’s been hiding behind the clouds all these while. 🙂

    CC: So true! 🙂


  6. emotionalistic Says:

    I always like to look up in the sky when I am feeling down or stressed up (except when the sun is out). It will certainly make my day :).

    CC: The blue sky tends to have that effect on me too!


  7. huei Says:

    gloomy or bright still goes on..and very well said..there’s always a bright side of things. eventhough it’s gloomy, it brought goodness to the neglected fields! =)

    CC: Some times it just takes time for us to realise that. 🙂


  8. happysurfer Says:

    Woh! Those are some nasty clouds. Your garden must feel loved.

    CC: It does! Revived my plants. LOL


  9. SimpleAlex Says:

    wow… the clouds… i feels like wanting to reach for it…

    CC: Reach for the sky!!! 😀


  10. echophysco Says:

    and yes, i saw the rainbow (after some hard time staring at it)… LOL.
    You photos and skills rawk!!!…

    CC: LOL, we have a winner! First to spot it here! :)Thanks for dropping by!


  11. My Bug Life Says:

    I can’t spot the rainbow either but I think there’s a little bit of red on the clouds at the left…my perception..hhahha.

    CC: Nope, not on the left. 😉


  12. clichegal Says:

    you know what.. I actually stare at the picture for 10 minutes and still I can’t spot the rainbow..

    And how naive was I to just believed the phrase “never believe everything that you listen” because as time passes by, circumstances has revealed to me that “one should never believed in everything that came out from the mouth, heard by the ear and perceived by the eyes” – just like the rainbow ( I never thought that there’s a rainbow till you’ve mentioned it)…

    CC: Wow, that’s some determination you have there. And you’re right.


  13. Pink Cotton Says:

    hey hey…
    thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    this is a nice photo..evne tho i cannot find the rainbow too =_=

    i can see that you have a lot of nicely taken pics on ur blog..nice =)

    CC: Thank you for visiting! 🙂


  14. seefei Says:

    yup, there are always 2 sides to everything. be an optimist, chum!! cheers

    CC: Right! 🙂


  15. Johnny Says:

    can’t find it.
    right you are, good stuffs always after the bad one.

    CC: The good stuffs are what make it worthwhile. 🙂


  16. iamthewitch Says:

    I can’t find it too 🙁 Wait a minute, is this a test of perception? You are telling us there’s a rainbow there but there actually isn’t? But it’s just our perspective whether we choose to believe we see it or not? I’m not making sense, ain’t I? 🙂

    CC: You make perfect sense! Maybe I’m testing you guys all along. LOL Just kidding, there’s actually a rainbow somewhere in there.


  17. M Says:

    well I can’t see the rainbow but I am sure it is there. All about what we see and how deeply we believe in the sunshine after the rain eh?

    CC: Yup, believing it is important too!


  18. maiylah's snippets Says:

    love the drama that seems to be playing on your shot … too bad I can’t seem to spot the rainbow … 🙂

    CC: Thanks! I’ll review it soon!


  19. Darren Says:

    I’m glad that i’m not the only one who can’t spot the rainbow=p

    Nice pic in your always..=)

    CC: Thank you! 🙂 It’s actually quite hard to spot.


  20. doreen Says:

    life is full of surprises, good or bad, and that is what makes life interesting, but only if you truly see it through.

    CC: That is so true. The unknown is what make it intriguing.


  21. EliteVillain Says:

    Sometimes perception is everything but i think always is about perception as long as that question is not a test(comes with exact answer or math) then there are ambiguity…. just look at the bright sight is the best thing to do =)

    CC: Unlike math, 1+1 doesn’t necessary equal 2 in life.


  22. Jeremy C Says:

    i can’t spot the rainbow 🙁

    could it be my eye sight is getting worse? or is the rainbow a metaphor for silver lining?

    i’ll give it another go after a good night’s rest…

    CC: It is a metaphor that does exist in the photo. Don’t feel bad though, it’s very faint and hard to spot. I’ll reveal it soon. 😉


  23. xin Says:

    rainbow is only figurative? 😀

    CC: It is in the photo. 🙂


  24. Chen Says:

    i enjoy looking at the sky during my free time. But not for the past few days, as it’s hazy over here.. 🙁

    Wow, the rainbow in the picture is indeed faint. But i managed to see it after all 🙂

    CC: Hey, you’re one of the 2 that spotted it so far! 😀


  25. eastcoastlife Says:

    I can’t see the rainbow!! Something wrong with my eyes or glasses. 🙁

    CC: It’s hard to spot, so nothing wrong with your eyes or glasses!


  26. rainingheaven Says:

    can we exchange links?

    CC: Sure! Have added you to my hearty blogs. 🙂


  27. narrowband Says:

    I can’t spot the rainbow 🙁 And most of the time it takes more effort to look for it – at the end of the day u’re not sure if it’s indeed there or not.

    CC: Yup, indeed make it doubt yourself. Added the link!


  28. Monica Says:

    CC, where’s the rainbow?

    CC: Added the link at the bottom of the post! 🙂


  29. Daryl Says:

    Perception is everything. Sometimes we look out of the windows of our minds and the vision is unclear. Only to find out later that our vision has been hampered by a smudged window pane! Time for a good wipe.

    CC: That is so true.


  30. cc Says:

    I’ve added the link to reveal the rainbow at the bottom of the post! 😀


  31. Jeremy C Says:

    thanks for the link cc.

    this officially confirms that i am indeed going blind… 🙁

    CC: Don’t feel bad, it’s quite hard to spot!


  32. ColourfulWorld Says:

    You must be using a DSLR right? It’s so hard to spot the rainbow. This photo can certainly be used to conduct motivational workshops regarding the idea of perception.

    The view is sensational. I love it… =)

    CC: Yes, I’m using Nikon D80. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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