A night to observe

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The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc
The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc
The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc The Observatory . Winter 2008 . by cc
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Sunday night. The Observetory. A quiet night out with my significant someone.
Delightful companion and delectable food. Life should be such blissful joy.

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42 Responses to “A night to observe”

  1. Kok Says:

    It must be a wonderful night out with your someone. That’s how one’s enjoy his/her life. 🙂

    CC: It was. 🙂


  2. day-dreamer Says:

    Good food, great company, such simple things can make people very contented. 🙂

    (The fireworks videos are up, by the way.)

    CC: Indeed! 😀


  3. emotionalistic Says:

    I find picture #9 very special. What is that? Is it some kind of drink or is it olive oil? 😛 What is it in the glass?

    CC: That’s olive in olive oil and flavoured butter for breads. Yummy! 😀


  4. steph Says:

    the photos had me salivating. the desserts especially. yes, life should be such blissful joy. =)

    CC: I am salivating now too. LOL


  5. nic Says:

    wow! yummy well-presented food! something new from quaintmelody since i started reading :p… nice work cc 😉

    CC: Thanks! Though I’d post something yummy to start the week. 😀


  6. Cmate Says:

    I am hungry now… nice photo. You have a DSLR? I am looking for a photographer to take photos for an event in Gentings in Dec. Interested? Let me know.

    CC: Thanks! Yes I have a Nikon D80. Oh, I’d love to do that but won’t be back in Dec this year. Probably next time? Thanks for the offer anyway. 🙂


  7. Jeremy C Says:

    a scrumptious dinner with a special someone.

    absolutely romantic 🙂

    now to stop drooling and go make instant supper for myself… 😛

    CC: It was really romantic. 🙂 A great night.


  8. Grace Says:

    Yum yum! The food…it’s so pretty!

    CC: Pretty and delicious! 😀


  9. Bengbeng Says:

    Hey buddy, thanks for the birthday wish 🙂

    CC: You’re most welcome. 🙂


  10. Daryl Says:

    The quiet little moments spent with a loved one that’s etched forever in memory. A relationship is made up of little golden moments like these, the ones u remember, and the rest, u forget.

    CC: How true. These are the memories we’ll treasure in days to come. 🙂


  11. kikey Says:

    wow.. all nice foods… 🙂

    CC: It’s a seafood buffet up on the Sky tower, the Auckland landmark. 🙂


  12. tekkaus Says:

    Yes. It’s a bliss to enjoy such meaningful and hearty dinner with that special someone. =)

    CC: Simply the best way to spend the weekend. 😀


  13. mistipurple Says:

    i have no significant someone who will bring me to dinners like this. *bawls*

    CC: Oh, all in good time my friend. It’s nice to enjoy a scrumptious meal in such ambiance all by yourself too. Sometimes it’s good to have alone time. 🙂


  14. Adam Says:

    Looks delicious. Just 30 minutes to go before we break fast here.

    CC: I’m sure there’s plenty of delicious delicacy for you to choose after breaking fast. 🙂


  15. My Bug Life Says:

    Wow..yummy, yummy food!!

    CC: I love seafood! 😀


  16. Elizabeth Says:

    Beautiful shots! These could be in a culinary magazine. It looks like you had a nice weekend.

    CC: Thank you. I did. I hope your weekend was plentiful too. 🙂


  17. iamthewitch Says:

    Indeed, life should always be as blissful as this! 🙂 The food looked great though… *salivating*

    CC: It was a yummy feast. 🙂


  18. eiling Says:

    absolutely delicious!

    CC: You are absolutely right! 😉


  19. annant Says:

    i wanna have a special one to have dinner liddis!

    CC: You have plenty of time to take your pick. 🙂


  20. BaLQiZ Says:

    *stomach turning into a rampaging bull*

    CC: Oh, sorry, please come back after sun down. 😉


  21. Khengsiong Says:

    Saliva dripping down…

    CC: 😉


  22. xin Says:

    wah….so evil…the scallop….WOAH!

    CC: I HEART the giant scallop. 😀


  23. peteformation Says:

    wow, nice food!

    CC: How I wish to have feast like that every week. 😀


  24. Josephine Says:

    I m salivating…..
    Sound romantic! heheheh

    CC: It was a romantic night out. 🙂


  25. Ann Says:

    Great combination.

    Artistry in food eaten in love.

    CC: You’re right. 🙂


  26. Hazel Says:

    wow, pretty food here..

    CC: 😉


  27. SimpleAlex Says:

    NOOOO!!!!!! I’m in the office now, just before lunch time here!!!! Geezz.. I feel like printing the foods out and munch off the papers..

    CC: Mmm, make sure it’s printed on edible paper. 😛


  28. Adino Says:

    Looks so delicious! You should sell these photos to the restaurant

    CC: Mm.. maybe I can use them to get discount next time. LOL


  29. shionge Says:

    Yo.. I am so ‘soaked’ into this atmosphere cc and yes indeed, life is so blissful with good food and good companion. Cheers!

    CC: It’s definitely so very shiok!!! LOL


  30. ahfu Says:

    wow….what a nice food porn you have here….

    CC: Haha… thanks for dropping by! 😀


  31. suituapui Says:

    Looks delicious AND expensive. Fine dining usually is. No photo of u and ur other half basking in the romantic ambience?

    CC: Good to indulge every once in awhile. 🙂 We’re camera shy. 😛


  32. huei Says:

    ur pictures can make any food look like delicacy from heaven!! =P~~


    CC: Thank you! 😀 I hope they have made you drool. 😛


  33. clichegal Says:

    hmmm … yummy yummy … you made me wanna dine out tonight.. ^_^

    CC: Go! Dine! 😀


  34. doreen Says:

    Oh, it is such a fine restaurant, isn’t it? I was there 3 years ago and fall in love with the food and the spectacular view!

    CC: Yup, it’s one of my favourite places for a quiet night out. 🙂


  35. eastcoastlife Says:

    Good food, good company… what else is there to ask for? I’m hungry. 🙂

    CC: It’s pure bliss. 🙂


  36. Pages tagged "blissful" Says:

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  37. ubey Says:


    i’m fasting right now, really can’t hold on! hehe. soooo delicious but quite expensive…..

    CC: 😀 I’m sure you’re having a feast by now. 🙂


  38. kaycee Says:

    wow! you make them look more sumptuous. i love food myself, and to share it with someone special just makes it all perfect!

    CC: Hehee, I think companion can either make or break the whole dining experience. 🙂


  39. Che-Cheh Says:

    Slurp!!! Believe it or not? My stomach is rumbling. Haha

    CC: No worries, you live in food heaven, various supply of food are practically at your doorstep. 😉


  40. team.warsurfer Says:

    Yummm… its a delicious post 😉

    CC: Yummy!!! 😀


  41. Monica Says:

    wow CC, nice shots! I love it!!! 😉

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  42. QuaChee Says:

    lovely title. plus yr tomato star make it so in line 🙂

    CC: Thanks for dropping by QuaChee, hope to see you around often. 🙂


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