A quaint encounter

Author: cc@quaintmelody  |  Category: photography, thoughts in pictures

Cow on Mt Eden . Spring 2008 . by cc
Cow on Mt Eden. click photo to enlarge.

It was a quaint encounter
I saw you moving along slowly with your pals
Pausing every other step to savour the rich lush green
Right to the top you went
Lazing away the steps
Not a care in the word

Trailing along in the chilly winds
I walk up to the top behind you
Suddenly, you turn, looking right at me

For a moment I lost my self staring right into your enthralling eyes
I saw a soul behinds those eyes
A soul so old and battered
A strong sense of empathy rose from my innermost thought
What it really was, I couldn’t tell
I just set myself free in this captivating moment
Letting the feeling wash over me

In the complete silence between us
In this beautiful and fateful encounter
Just you and me

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53 Responses to “A quaint encounter”

  1. calvin Says:

    ol mcdonald had a farm….eeyaeeyaoo..lol

    CC: I love that song! Haha.


  2. jam Says:

    We dun see cow like this in malaysia, do we?

    CC: I think different species.


  3. auto insurance quotes in NJ Says:

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.


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