A song for you

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Happy Birthday Mr K . Spring 2008 . by cc
His proposal pal, froggie.

Everyday I wake up with happy thoughts
There’s someone behind the fountain of joy
How I remember the days we’ve been together
All the secrets we shared, silly things we’ve done
It only seems like yesterday where I meet this big boy with the kindest smile
Who shook my hand and brought me to the wonderland
They are all fond memories I hold on dear to my heart

Oh my love, you’re the one
The one who holds my hand when I despair
Be by my side and assures me hope
Reminds me of dreams and love
I dedicate this to you

I love you, for being the friend you are, for being the lover you are, for simply being you.
When it all comes to an end, I’ll still hold on to you tight, for the memories will live on forever.

You make me live with no regrets.

Happy Birthday Mr K . Spring 2008 . by cc Happy Birthday Mr K . Spring 2008 . by cc Happy Birthday Mr K . Spring 2008 . by cc
Happy Birthday to my Mr K, the very source of my dreams and happiness.

My beloved K . Spring 2008 . by cc
I present you my husband, Mr K. The heart and soul of my life, the sweetest and kindest man I’ve ever met, and the very person who introduced me to photography (heh, now you know my secret! 😉 ).


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73 Responses to “A song for you”

  1. eiling Says:

    happy to mr.K! I’m sure he’s a lucky man to have you!

    CC: Thank you! I am lucky to have him too! 😀


  2. Tharan Says:

    woah, you must be happy to have such a kind man to be your husband

    He must be a very good photograpter too, like you.haha

    CC: I am! I feel extremely luck and am thankful for him. He is a very good photographer, better than me! 😀


  3. Eric Says:

    Very touching… and nice shots!

    CC: Thank you Eric. 😀


  4. Wyn Says:

    Aww…so touching and sweet ler…

    Anyway, Hapy belated birthday, Mr.K

    CC: Thank you Wyn. 😀


  5. abeku Says:

    Yea la happy belated bday Mr K..like dato K kar?


  6. abeku Says:

    So your soul partnet is you sifoo else well…such a happy couple

    CC: Yes. 😀


  7. Liz aka Kess' Mama Says:

    What a lovely tribute to your hubby! BTW, I’ve given you an award. Come by and collect it.

    CC: Thanks, I am honored! 😀


  8. HLiza Says:

    Good husbands are like angels..but better because you can hug them all the time..LOL. Happy belated bday to him..I believe you’re both lucky to have each other. Here’s for many, many more years of birthdays to come!

    CC: You are so right! 😀 Thanks! 😀


  9. anna Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwww. how sweet 😀

    CC: 😉


  10. Chen Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Mr K (aka yr dear hubby)
    I have a friend whose birthday falls on 11 Sept too

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  11. Choonie Says:

    Wow… your poem is very touchy. I like it. I hope Mr K likes it too. Btw, Happy Belated Birthday to Mr K. He is lucky to have such a loving wife.

    CC: Thank you Choonie! I’m lucky to have him too. 😀


  12. EVo Says:

    Happy Birthday Mista K!

    sorry didn’t come by for awhile..was doing some prep4my india trip. im here n i’ve posted on this place! 😉

    You know what they say about a picture says a thousand words. Your pics say 10 thousand. 🙂

    Cheerios n all my wishes for many many birthdays to be celebrated together.

    CC: Thanks EVo, appreciate it. 😀


  13. Wato Says:

    Wow… Nice site you got here! Great and lovely pictures too. (^ ^)v

    Keep it up!!

    CC: Thank you! Hope to see you around. 🙂


  14. keeyit Says:

    Nice songs…

    Love it..

    Happy mooncake festival

    CC: Thanks! Same to you. 🙂


  15. johnny ong Says:

    good thing we have mr k, otherwise we’ll be seeing lousy pictures and non-sweet blog postings

    CC: You’re right about that. LOL


  16. shionge Says:

    This is such a sweet thoughtful post…Happy Birthday to your Man 😀

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  17. happysurfer Says:

    CC, you have a gem of a husband there, and I am happy for you. Belated “Happy Birthday”, Mr K.

    CC: I feel extremely blessed and thankful. Thanks for your birthday wish. 😀


  18. wombok Says:

    So sweet 🙂 keke.

    Is that Karen Carpenter by the way? I have never heard this version before and it’s really good.

    CC: Yes it is. 🙂


  19. jam Says:

    He should be quite a romantic person judging on his proposal present.

    CC: Yes he is quite the romantic. 🙂


  20. My Bug Life Says:

    I love the froggy! So sweet..:)

    CC: He is one cutie! 😀


  21. _but Says:

    aww, so sweet!! 🙂 Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby!

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  22. Tonyong Says:

    He’s lucky to have you and you’re lucky to have him.
    Sweet 😀

    Love your photography.

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  23. Ju Ann Says:

    Hi, do I call you CC?

    May I just say that this is such a sweet post!

    And I love the way you blog! Will be back for more!!

    CC: Hello Ju Ann, yes you can call me cc. Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you here often. 😀


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