At the dawn of light

Author: cc@quaintmelody  |  Category: photography, thoughts in pictures

Dawn . Winter 2008 . by cc
Dawn of light outside my bedroom window. click photo to enlarge.

Waking up just before dawn, feeling a little drowsy.
I was standing in front of the window, waiting, staring into the morning darkness.
It always seems so calm and serene this time of the day, with birds chirping and the refreshing light breezes gently blowing to my face.
Slowly, threads of light emitted from the horizon.
I looked up and there it was, the glorious rays of sunrise.
It seemed like eternity, all 10 minutes of it.
My mind was perpetually stuck in this amazing freeze frame.
The dazzling moment stayed with me for the entire day.

How can I complain, when nature has empowered me with such privilege,
To see the brilliant colours, to feel the flow of emotions;
To sense the wonders, to appreciate the beauty that is life.

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33 Responses to “At the dawn of light”

  1. emotionalistic Says:

    What a beautiful sun rise picture :).

    CC: Sunrises are all beautiful. 🙂


  2. Grace Says:

    Nice one. Signals the start of a beautiful day!

    CC: The day would be beautiful because of this. 🙂


  3. doreen Says:

    Stunningly beautiful! Nice shot!

    CC: Thanks! The scene was already stunning, all I did was clicked! 🙂


  4. steph Says:

    wow. i love your bedroom window. what a beautiful sight to wake up to. =)

    CC: I love it too. Witnessed many amazing scenes here. 🙂


  5. nic Says:

    what else can i say but WOW! if i were u, ill wake up every morning before dawn 😀

    CC: I do wake up just before dawn most morning. The view is worth waking up to. 🙂


  6. Che-Cheh Says:

    So lovely. I like the clouds… it’s like they’re dancing in the fire.

    CC: They are! It’s quite rare to see clouds formation like that. It was totally mesmerising!


  7. Jeremy C Says:

    that’s a beautiful sight.

    how i wish i could take the time to appreciate nature, alas i’m always in a rush to get ready for work.. *sigh*

    CC: Maybe you can wake up a little earlier from now on? 🙂


  8. Daryl Says:

    A beautiful picture of a dawn’s new promise.

    CC: It promises a beautiful day ahead.


  9. day-dreamer Says:

    Just like how I felt when I see fireworks illuminating the skies of Putrajaya last Friday! 😀

    CC: To me, fireworks are garish and dazzling, but clouds are serene and comforting. 🙂


  10. Bengbeng Says:

    stunning pic. wow u penned these lovely verses

    CC: Thank you Bengbeng! 😀


  11. mistipurple Says:

    it’s nice to hold moments like these for as long as you can, before they slip away..

    CC: We can hold on to them, in our hearts, our memories. 🙂


  12. johnny ong Says:

    must learn to appreciate those beautiful moments God has put in place

    CC: Yes, we should.


  13. SimpleAlex Says:

    Nice picture there… What a beautiful day…

    CC: It’s moments like this that makes those bleak moments in life bearable.


  14. annant Says:

    i wish i have ur penning ability…
    *looking at mine with disgust* 🙁

    CC: Everybody can write, write with our hearts, it’s the melodies of our soul.


  15. suituapui Says:

    A brand new day…a new beginning, new hope!!! Hope all your days are beautiful ones.

    CC: I wish you many beautiful days to come too! 🙂


  16. shionge Says:

    What a wonderful day cc 😀

    CC: It really is! 🙂


  17. Grace Says:

    Wow, your pictures in your blog are simply awesome….

    CC: Thank you! Hope to see you around. 🙂


  18. iamthewitch Says:

    The break of dawn always marks the beginning of a brand new day with brand new hopes and energy. 🙂

    CC: It’s one of the wonderful moments of the whole day. 🙂


  19. jam Says:

    I believe one can only get this kind of dawn scenery in countryside. I wake up every morning, seeing only concrete buildings around me. ~sigh~

    CC: I’m actually not staying in the countryside, unless you count new zealand as one big countryside. LOL


  20. M Says:

    Your posts and photos have kept me going knowing that the world isn’t just all ugly, grey and horrid but beautiful if one knows where to go.

    CC: Glad that they have helped. 🙂


  21. hp84 Says:

    It is good that you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Waking up early in the morning, you can enjoy the cool air, I believe the air is very fresh.

    CC: The air in the morning is like a refreshing creek, flowing into you soul. 🙂


  22. My Bug Life Says:

    What an amazing dawn to wake up to! Absolutely beautiful..:)

    CC: It was an amazing sight to behold.


  23. peteformation Says:

    Wow, it is sure nice to wake up to this nice view. Amazing poem too!

    CC: Thanks pete! 🙂


  24. xin Says:

    what a beautiful sight to wake up to 🙂

    CC: It’s what I look forward to every night before I go to sleep.


  25. Lil' Ms Pinky Says:

    Beautiful picture! Why isn’t the sky in Malaysia ever this beautiful?

    CC: Actually, I’ve seen some amazing skies in Malaysia too. Different, but beautiful all the same. 🙂


  26. happysurfer Says:

    Nothing like a beautiful sky to start off the day! Thanks for sharing the moment and the beauty.

    CC: It does make a great start to the day. You’re most welcome, happy to share. 🙂


  27. Center Parted Says:

    You must have a pretty amazing life, living amidst such beauty… and having the keen eye to see and capture it.

    The NZ gov should give you a grant or something for helping make NZ look so great in your blog! 🙂

    CC: I do feel blessed and am very thankful. I didn’t make NZ look good, it is that great, I’m just capturing it in my frames. 🙂 Thanks for your compliments.


  28. EVo Says:

    This is totally amazing. how often does this happen?

    and what camera are you using?it’s awesome!

    CC: Quite often. I’m using Nikon D80, but scene as great as this can easily be captured using any camera. I’ve use my point-and-shoot to capture with similar results too.


  29. Adam Says:

    Really lovely picture. The clouds look amazing here.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    CC: Hello, thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  30. huei Says:

    can i go over to ur place? hehe love the sunset!! =D

    CC: Come come! 😀


  31. Chris Says:

    What an amazing picture. The beauty of God’s creation, its breathtaking.

    CC: Thank you. Nature is indeed powerful.
    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  32. team.warsurfer Says:

    Beautiful !

    I love clouds too 😉

    CC: Thanks! They are mesmerizing, aren’t they! 🙂


  33. kreatiiv Says:

    Love this picture CC! 🙂

    I chose this picture for a reason as well. It’s like a dawning of a new life for me.

    I guess that’s the reason why it’s not happening! :)..I just remembered that before she met her ONE she was always out having fun and just treating herself well.

    I think I should start doing it by now. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by 🙂


    CC: It’ll happen one fine day. All in good time my friend. 🙂


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