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Metropolis life . Winter 2008 . by cc
Wellesley Street, Auckland. click photo to enlarge.

I took a moment and stood there in the middle of the busy street.
People passing by, quickly in their paces.
Of tourist, students and people in their business suits, none of them seemed to have a minute
to spare.
People rushing here and there, trying to fit in as much as possible in a day.
Steps so cold, life so hasty, in the fast lane of metropolis life.
As the steps advanced, precious moments are left behind.
Is it, worth it?

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52 Responses to “Haste”

  1. Kok Says:

    I love this photo!

    Sometimes, we just have to stop for a few seconds in our busy life to catch a breath.

    CC: Thanks Kok! 🙂


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