Idyllic bliss

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Dusk at Mt Eden . Mid-Autumn . Spring 2008
Dusk on the summit of Mt Eden click photo to enlarge.

I spent the mid-autumn festival afternoon on Mt Eden. It is always very windy up there. I started snapping photos while waiting for the moon to come out. The temperature was freezing and my fingers seemed to have taken on a life of their own after awhile, but still I kept on snapping. Funny how our passion almost always enable us to push through unfavourable conditions.

Standing atop the once volcanic mountain braving the freezing winds, my mind wondered off to those days where festive seasons spelled out fun and laughter. As a kid, I anticipated every traditional celebration. I remember walking around the suburbs back home with my colourful lanterns every mid-autumn festival, prancing around with my friends. The laughter and colours are still fresh in my mind. Those picturesque moments are permanently locked in the precious corner of my memories.

Life may throw me a curve ball ever now and then, but I soldier on the passages, continue to search for the buoyant nature in me as a kid, the simple bliss of life.

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36 Responses to “Idyllic bliss”

  1. Kok Says:

    I like this photo of yours. 🙂

    Yea, sometimes, it’s the passion on something that keep us going. That’s why people is saying, we must love the thing that we do.

    Aiks? Now you’re not looking forward for festive seasons? hehe.

    CC: Hey, you’re so quick! Yes I still look forward to the festive seasons, but it’s just not the same as back then. 🙂


  2. Regina Cassandra Says:

    Hi CC,

    thanks for dropping by my page. I love ur pics. So passionate. Wanna ask, how do you upload your pics to your blog? do u resize it? coz resizing seem to degrade the quality.

    CC: Hello Regina, thanks for dropping by! I use photoshop to adjust the brightness etc and save for web. You can counter the loss of sharpness due to resizing by applying unsharp mask.


  3. nic Says:

    i spent the mid-autumn festival alone at home this year haha… oh yah, i remember i always ended up burning my own lantern when i was kid hehe…

    btw cc, did u disable yr rss? my rss reader doesnt work on your blog anymore… hmm… im wondering y i cant get any updates…

    CC: I always burn the lantern too! It was so much fun!
    The rss is working fine on google reader, are you using blogline? I will try to find out why it’s not updating, at the meant time use my feedburner feed
    Thanks for letting me know! 😀


  4. eastcoastlife Says:

    Spectacular! How lovely to spend mid-autumn festival in a beautiful foreign land!

    CC: It’d be even better if my whole family is here. Soon I hope. 🙂


  5. Elizabeth Says:

    You inspired me to go out with my camera and tripod last night and shoot the huge full moon, but I realized I waited too long, I should have got it just after sunset to get results like yours. I have never heard of the mid-autumn festival, but it sounds great. There are so many things about fall that bring back great memories for me like visiting the apple farm, hayrack rides and bonfires.

    CC: Autumn is my favourite season of the year. It’s spring over here right now, I look forward to the beautiful blooms! 🙂


  6. Gerald Ho Says:

    Dear CC,
    just wanna say thank you for dropping by.

    You have a great site….i hope to find more stuffs to relate through this blog..:)
    and btw..nice photopraphies..:)


    CC: Hi Gerald, Thanks for dropping by! I hope you find what you’re after. 😀


  7. Kenny Ng Says:

    I spent my mid autumn with working till late… I think I never celebrate it more than 6 years. Really miss the celebration.

    CC: I have not celebrated it with my whole family for 8 years now. Really miss that.


  8. massy Says:

    OMG amazing photos. *linkie~

    CC: Hello, thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  9. rimus Says:

    remembering those good old days cc…

    those good old days…………

    CC: Those were the days, always sweet in memories. 🙂


  10. kaycee Says:

    I know exactly what you mean… i’m the same, still there snapping away even though my hands are absolutely frozen!!

    But you always come out with amazing photos – so it’s all worth it =)

    CC: Yup, totally worth it! Thanks! 🙂


  11. xynthian Says:

    Coming by to say how are you?

    Btw, you’ve been tagged. Check my blog. 🙂

    CC: Hey, thanks for tagging me, will probably be up next week. Stay tune! 🙂


  12. iamthewitch Says:

    cc, you’re such a strong person and somehow, strangers as we are, I have this feeling that you have in you the emotional and mental strength that many would envy. 🙂 Btw, what’s that structure next to the moon? It looks like it’s standing on clouds! *LOL*

    CC: Thanks, I do strive to be strong and am learning to appreciate the simple things in life.
    Mt Eden is the principal triangulation station for Auckland surveys, so that is some device related that that.


  13. hp84 Says:

    To me, i am a soldier in my life. I got to fight the tough working environment in hospital.
    Mt Eden seem like a nice & relaxing place to be. 🙂

    CC: You’re a soldier alright! Tough it out! 😉
    It is one of my favourite places in Auckland.


  14. Borneo Falcon Says:

    You definitely pick the right spot to spent your mid autumn

    CC: Yea, it’s the first time I went there on Mid-Autumn Day. It was freezing but nice.


  15. Josephine Says:

    I spent my mid-autumn in the bus! I was traveling back to Singapore from KL. But I had ‘reunion’ lunch with my family members!

    CC: Well, at least you get to have a hearty meal with your family! 😀


  16. Gallivanter Says:

    I like your last sentence.

    “Life may throw me a curve ball ever now and then, but I soldier on the passages, continue to search for the buoyant nature in me as a kid, the simple bliss of life.”

    Well summed up. 🙂

    CC: Thank you! That’s something I hold dear to my heart these days.


  17. Kess' Mama Says:

    The things people do when they’re passionate about it! Great shot as usual.

    CC: You can say that again! Thanks. 😀


  18. SimpleAlex Says:

    The moon looks so beautiful in your photo.. Small but not tiny, obvious yet a bit unrevealed..

    CC: Thank you! I have to say that was the day I really look at the moon and appreciated its beauty. 🙂


  19. M Says:

    the complexities of adulthood and the unpretentiousness of childhood….. funny what your pictures bring out in me 🙂

    CC: Let’s bring more! 😀


  20. foongpc Says:

    It’s nice to become a kid all over again. Those are the times when we have nothing to worry about and are carefree. Then again, I don’t like to go through all those exams in school, so I would have to say, I’m happy where I am now : )

    CC: Funnily enough, when I think of those days, exams are automatically censored out! I guess I do have selective memory. LOL


  21. Jemima Says:

    Hmmm.. my rss reader has not been detecting your updates. 🙁

    Your beautiful photo reminds me of “Silent Night”. 😉

    CC: The problem seems to be with blogline as it’s working fine on google reader. Please change your subscription to , that should work. Thanks!


  22. Che-Cheh Says:

    Like this photo. The moon and the grayish white cloud.

    CC: I love the clouds formation in that moment, it disappeared after a while.


  23. xin Says:

    gone were the days when we still carried lanterns and candles around with friends, gone were the days of carefree childhood 🙁

    CC: Well, those days live on in our memories. 🙂


  24. doreen Says:

    Reminiscing the good old days… was care free, fun and simple… was good then.

    CC: Let’s try to make life care free and fun now! 🙂


  25. annant Says:

    lurve this pic 🙂

    this year was the only year i didn’t get to celebrate. blame da tests 🙁

    used to light up lanterns and walk around da neighbourhood with buddies…

    CC: I’m so going to get some of those colourful candles and light them up around the house next year. 🙂


  26. Eric Y Says:

    Speechless.. the picture is awesomely great.

    CC: Thank you Eric. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  27. Tychi Says:

    your’s fotos are great, cc. good job.

    CC: Thanks Tychi! Popped over your blog but it’s in a language I don’t understand. Do you have a English blog?


  28. mistipurple Says:

    lemme put aside my corny jokes for this instant.

    you really write very well and your pics are spectacular.

    CC: Oh I love your corny jokes misti! Thanks for your compliments, I try my best! 😀


  29. Eric Y Says:

    Of course i’ll be around. Reading blog is one thing but people with passion for great pictures thats another.

    CC: Good to know. 😀


  30. Jeremy C Says:

    yeah, carrying lanterns as a child around the neighbourhood…seems like an eternity ago.

    just like your picture, the moon seems so far away, like our memories…

    CC: It seems like eternity ago but the memories are still fresh in my mind. 🙂


  31. Daryl Says:

    Thank you for braving the cold to bring us this beautiful pic from Mt. Eden. I’ll put in on my to do list once i get to NZ!

    CC: You should! Just remember to wear warm clothing! LOL


  32. jam Says:

    Without doubt, childhood is the happiest moment in one’s life, bringing back a lot of sweet memories.

    CC: It really is. 😀


  33. Tychi Says:

    cc, i am sorry, but i don’t have blog in english, only in czech (my native language). i can read english , but not write(o:

    CC: No worries, I can use translator to read.


  34. Tychi Says:

    I added a google translator on the blog, perhaps this will help.

    CC: Thanks for that! 😀


  35. Ann Says:

    Love this shot, love the title – very apt. Love the words that make it complete.

    CC: Thank you! 😀


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