Lone star

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Lone house . Spring 2008 . by cc
Stand alone house on the hill. click photo to enlarge.

When the buzz is over and crowd has dispersed
A lone star is left at the stale scene
In its dreary state it stands alone
Months and years it awaits
Reminiscing the old glorious days
While awaiting its future to be made

There’s a bittersweet taste lingering in the air
Is it something new or an old familiar scent?
When all is done and said
What is left to savour
What is left to behold
Hope or despair?

When we say we are the owners of our destiny,
does it include those bleak moments in life?


I apologise if the sense of sorrow in this writing affects you. They just poured out of me when I was standing across the street snapping this scene. I believe that sorrow shouldn’t be something we repress but rather, embrace. It’s only when we truly face up to our demons and accept the dark places in us can we achieve true happiness and be totally content with ourselves.

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40 Responses to “Lone star”

  1. SimpleAlex Says:

    if there’s no sorrow, how can we appreciate joy? nice picture… =)

    CC: Thanks! 🙂


  2. Daryl Says:

    Hmm your verses got me thinking of moments that could’ve been but were lost because sometimes we lack the courage to claim it as our own.

    Btw i really like the picture. =)

    CC: Thanks. You’re right, sometimes we just lack the courage to take that final step. In between hesitations and reconsideration, chances slip through our grasps.


  3. nic Says:

    it reminds me of some decisions i made in the past which i’m kinda regretting it now

    CC: Well, regrets, that’s part of life too. 🙂


  4. mistipurple Says:

    when i catch this color in the sky, i just stand and gawk for a couple of minutes in silence.

    CC: Me too. It’s mesmerizing. 🙂


  5. JustJasmine Says:

    You’re really good in writing CC.
    I’ll choose to be hopeful 😉

    CC: Thanks! 😀


  6. AhBong Says:

    i choose to live in the present.

    but can i?

    CC: Yes you can, if you want to. 🙂


  7. rimus Says:

    this shots really caught my heart!!!

    CC: 😀 Thanks!


  8. annant Says:

    da past shaped what and how we are today

    so i think even if they’re bleak moments,
    i still choose to have them.
    in memory…

    CC: You’re right, without the past, we’ll be an empty shells. Good and bad, they are all part of who we are.


  9. iamthewitch Says:

    I agree with you, cc. Even though we’re the owners of our destiny, there are certain things that we cannot control, yet we have to face them to make things better, rather than just let things happen and go worse.

    CC: Good to know you agree. 🙂


  10. eiling Says:

    sorry and happiness like hope and despair will only make us more humane.


  11. eiling Says:

    sorry typo…

    sorrow and happiness like hope and despair will only make us more humane

    CC: Right, being perfect is not that perfect afterall. 😉


  12. huei Says:

    hopes! what’s done is done, there’s no point lingering and regretting about it..it is..indeed..the past


    and very true, if there’s no sorrow, how can we learn to feel joy? ^^

    CC: Sorrow is like an ugly scar, it reminds us the turbulence we’ve been through and teach use to appreciate what we have. 🙂


  13. johnny ong Says:

    whatever stage we are at is always due to certain choices made by us earlier. but despair not as we still could amend the situation starting from now

    CC: Yes, I do believe things happen for a reason, and if it’s not of our choice, we can still have make the best out of it.


  14. Holankia Says:

    Nice picture. Well, better express sorrow rather than keep it all inside 🙂 If not who knows what might happen 🙂

    CC: Thanks. Yup, it’s important to find an outlet to express ourselves.


  15. M Says:

    Without sorrow it makes one a lesser human devoid of compassion and empathy. Sometimes one has to bleed a little to be reminded of what it is to be human.

    CC: I like the way you put it. 🙂


  16. Liz aka Kess' Mama Says:

    Sorrow, like joy is all part and parcel of life!

    CC: Yes it is.


  17. foongpc Says:

    Like Simple Ales said, if we don’t know sorrow, how do we experience joy? Sorrow is part of human life, and although there are things we cannot control, we learn to go with the flow. When we do not fight but instead,let things to just be, we can find happiness within us. Very nice poem! Love the “melancholy” feelings reading it!

    CC: Thanks. Just like ying and yang, the balance of life. 🙂


  18. terence Says:

    Really A4 paper yah? Hmm.. but dun worry. u can frame up or laminate or put decoration. Make it nice nice lor 🙂

    CC: No kidding! I should blog about it some time. LOL


  19. BaLQiZ Says:

    Hey, a girl needs to clean out her chest once in a while so no need to apologize (to me that is *wink)

    CC: Thanks girl!! 😀


  20. Jemima Says:

    Throughout our lives, we all experience times of darkness and times of light. Though the joyful times are a pleasure to go through, we may wish away the sadness and depression. Without our sorrowful moments, though, we would not be fully human. Our sad times teach us about ourselves, revealing our inner reserves of resilience and strength.

    Sorrow is part of being human.

    CC: Strangely, those seemingly bleak moments do turn into fond memories as time goes by. Those are the moments we will remember, not for its sorrow, but the good things we take away from it.


  21. bongkersz Says:

    beautifully written.. and always, accompanied by breath taking photos..

    CC: Thank you very much! 😀


  22. Jeremy C Says:

    that is so very true.

    running away never solves anything, but only creates a feeling of regret later.

    sooner or later, we all have to face up to our demons and learn to exorcise them before we can truly move on in our lives…

    CC: It’s not an easy task, I’m still learning.


  23. doreen Says:

    We own it, our life. Be it great or bleak, it is our own decision made/to make and it is how we got here. Always remember, it could have been worst than where we are now.

    Nice pic, very calming…..

    CC: I agree. We can learn from it.


  24. hp84 Says:

    I agree with you that we should embrace all those sorrow moment. We learn from it, so that we can have a happy and better future.

    CC: Glad you do. I believe everything happen for a reason. Good or bad, we all walk away with enlightenment.


  25. Kok Says:

    Well said…

    CC: Thanks. 😉


  26. the constantly dramatic one Says:

    Ahhhh regrets……aren’t they a bitch? That’s rhetrorical. Regrets are indeed bitches.

    CC: Indeed!!! 😉


  27. Bengbeng Says:

    regrets? have then only if u can do something abt the situation. otherwise i jus move on 🙂

    CC: Good choice! 🙂


  28. bidarlah Says:

    embrace life: be it happy or sad.

    again, ur title reminded me of SL: chik mok lau sing guan. (lonely meteor)…

    When we say we are the owners of our destiny,
    does it include those bleak moments in life?

    my answer is yes to both!

    but then we cant control our emotions, they just pop up anytime, anywhere.

    CC: You’re really her super fan! 😉 I think we should embrace our emotions rather than trying so hard to control it.


  29. Crazyfool Says:

    wah so nice.. write poem poem get so many comment de haha.. everyone are owners of our destiny ! but some time.. things also cant be choose by ur self.. so i think got 60% is our own, 40% is since born, and own by duno who. haha

    CC: For the part that’s out of our control, we can still choose to accept it and move on or to wallow in distress.


  30. eastcoastlife Says:

    I choose to look forward. No point wallowing in sorrow.

    CC: Embracing sorrow doesn’t mean wallowing in it, but rather accepting it as part of growing up, an experience in life.


  31. Grace Says:

    Sorrow allows you to express yourself and write beautiful poems like this.

    CC: That quite true. I tend to be more expressive when I’m in a melancholy mood.


  32. Weilian Says:

    Very beautiful photo. Good job.

    CC: Thank you Weilian. 🙂


  33. _butt Says:

    no bleak moments. just moments. as it is. 🙂

    love your photo! gosh, the color blue. love it!

    CC: That blue color is quite special, haven’t seen that for quite some time. Perhaps an indication of the spring weather. 🙂


  34. tekkaus Says:

    It is said that everything in this world is predestined. IMHO, it is true. But we still control our own destiny. But other times, all we can do is watch in vain…it’s part and parcels of life. And I must say that there are certainly a lot of things in our life that is far beyond our circle of influence. So do am I still the master of my own destiny? Yes.

    Great photo. Depicts a lone ranger in a vast opening. I would be darn lonely if I’m living in that house.

    CC: I agree. That’s actually an empty house sitting on a hill by a main road. It’s been classified as a heritage building and can’t be demolished. It’s sitting on a premier land in a highly sought after area. The owner has no choice but to continue paying maintenance for it. It looks rather sad at it’s current state. I often stroll by and think of the glorious day it once had.


  35. HLiza Says:

    It’s okay to feel sadness..it’s part of life. I love the way you describe the sorrow here..I feel it. Great photo too!

    CC: Thank you HLiza, I hope I didn’t make you sad. 🙂


  36. Eryn Says:

    Finally! I can view your pics at work! It’s okay to blog about our sorrows rather than keeping everything to ourselves. I love what you wrote! Love your pics too. 😉

    CC: Yippee! Hope to see you more often then! 🙂


  37. cora Says:

    thanks for dropping by my site!

    you’ve got Nice and interesting site.

    CC: Hello Cora, glad to see you here. 🙂


  38. calvin Says:

    aiyo…..very emo lah. anyways, did i say that your pictures are really amazing. it is just so amazing. now that i have my “baby” i would lurv to take shots like yours. but i do not have an idea how to? can we guide me….sifu

    CC: Thanks for your compliments. I am on a learning curve too as I just got mine about 2 months ago. I think experiment is the key, we all learn through trials and errors. 🙂


  39. jam Says:

    We all have ups and downs in life. But no matter what we do, the most important is to make sure you happy with it.

    CC: Yup, ultimately, we shape most part of it. 🙂


  40. bidarlah Says:

    CC said: You’re really her super fan! 😉

    YES to that! 😉

    CC said : I think we should embrace our emotions rather than trying so hard to control it.

    totally agree!!!!


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