Moonlight rendezvous

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Mid-Autumn Moon . Spring 2008 . by cc
The moon appeared a little over 6pm. As it became brighter and the sky darken, I immersed myself in the mesmerising and mystical air. My loved ones in that faraway land, I miss you all and wish you well.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival . 中秋節快樂!
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The moon was beaming, stars twinkling across the universe
When I looked upon the sky, I thought of my loved ones
Though we’re miles apart, our hearts never felt so close

The rounded moon seemed to speak wonders
Illuminating scrolls of tales and dreams
Tales of love and togetherness
Songs of mellifluous melodies

I caught a spark in the dazzling light
and immersed myself in the majestic mist that is the night
I heard a quaint melody, coming from afar
From the land of mystical tales
Where dreams and emotions intertwine into a beautiful weave of symphony

故人是否仍舊 孤寂

人月是否 依舊

* Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon in lunar calendar. Read more about it here.

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50 Responses to “Moonlight rendezvous”

  1. the constantly dramatic one Says:

    That’s beautiful. Did you take this too?

    Wow, you certainly have a talent for photography and a flair for poetry.

    CC: All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise. Thank you so much your dramatic highness. 😀


  2. day-dreamer Says:

    Nice picture.


    CC: 謝謝!之前也有寫過的。 在這里這里這里這里這里😀


  3. hm Says:

    Rain at Malacca tonight…cant get to see the moon….sigh…

    CC: Oh, well, there’s always next month. 🙂


  4. mistipurple Says:

    you romantic until my sugar here all melting.

    CC: Quick, add them in coffee! 😉


  5. Kok Says:

    Nice shots! I almost can see the “chang er”. kekeke.

    One question, moon overseas is rounder? Hmm…

    CC: I do hope the jade rabbit is there too. 🙂
    It’s the same moon, so it’s always round regardless where we see it. 😉


  6. annant Says:

    how u take da moon ar?
    why mine so blur one =.=

    nice poem 😀

    CC: You need to set it under-expose in order to capture the detail.


  7. steph Says:

    lovely as always. =) great capture. nicely detailed moon.

    CC: Thank you steph. 🙂


  8. Borneo Falcon Says:

    The moon is sure round and beautiful

    CC: It really was. It’s mesmerising!


  9. Hazel Says:

    it’s raining yesterday night, so our lantern festival here is not exciting

    CC: Well, what’s important is you get to be with your family on this festive day. 🙂


  10. iamthewitch Says:

    Very nice shot of the moon! Sigh, I can never take such beautiful shot using my point and shoot.. even with tripod. Haha.. time for a new camera! 😉

    CC: Thanks! 😀


  11. Rest & Relax Says:


    CC: 中秋節快樂!


  12. BaLQiZ Says:

    Saw some kids bringing lantern around my housing area last night. I pointed it out to my husband and for a moment he held his breath then later wooshed it out loudly. I asked whatsup and he answered, “For a moment there, I only saw the lighted lanterns floating. I didnt see the kids holding it”

    He’s my super hero

    CC: He is really something BaLQiZ!! Haha.


  13. eiling Says:

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you too. Hope you had some really nice mooncakes and a great time with your loved ones.

    CC: Thanks eiling, I’m sure you had a great time with your loved ones too. Happy belated mid-autumn! 😀


  14. cbenc12 Says:

    wow.. i love the bluish dark sky and the matching yellow moon! geez.. reminded me that i forgot to look at the moon yday night!

    CC: I forgot to look at the moon last year too, so make it a point not to forget this year!


  15. mang0 Says:

    Nice shot… I can even see the “rabbit” in it clearly. Hope everyone had a good reunion last night.

    CC: Thanks! Rabbit, Chang-er and the tree, they’re all there! LOL
    I hope you had a great reunion with your loved ones too!


  16. ColourfulWorld Says:

    Superb Shot. The sky was cloudless and the moon was big and bright last night but too bad I don’t have a DSLR to capture it. =p


    Anyway, even if you’re not away from home, considering the current pathetic state of the country, nobody would be free from the said melancholic mood…

    CC: Thanks! I was lucky to have taken the shot early, those surrounding clouds disappeared after that.
    We all need to try and break away from that mess and try to live a little sometimes. 🙂


  17. Monica Says:

    Nice shot and I hope you had a good time 😉

    CC: Thanks! I did have lots of fun. 😀


  18. foongpc Says:

    Beautiful as usual! Did you eat any mooncakes? I was eating mooncakes and more mooncakes these past few days, today gotta work it all out : )

    CC: Thanks! I did, both the traditional ones and snowskin. Yummy!!


  19. SimpleAlex Says:

    sorry dropping by late.. got some problem with my pc.. fixing it.. oh wow.. beautiful moon…

    CC: No worries. Thanks Alex. 😀


  20. Josephine Says:

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival…

    CC: Same to you too Josephine! 😀


  21. Crazyfool Says:




    CC: 寫得真好!


  22. bidarlah Says:

    is the moon rounder on the other side?

    ps. dont ask me which moon or which side ok! hehe.

    CC: I’m so not going to answer this question. Hahaa.


  23. suituapui Says:

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family. Raining and cloudy here, so no moon pics…but I took a photo of the sunset but poor skill, poor equipment! Sigh! LOL!!!

    CC: Happy Mid-Autumn to you and your family too! Hey, at least we enjoy your bigger pictures better now! Those food pics look more delicious than ever! 😀


  24. clement Says:

    happy happy mooncake festival.. he he, there’s no autumn here.. ha ha, but there’s mooncake.. ha ha

    CC: It is not autumn here too, it’s spring time, but yup, plenty of mooncaks. 😀


  25. Weilian Says:

    Here, it rained heavily. I managed to snap some photos of the kids playing their lanterns before the downpour. No moon indeed.

    CC: I miss playing with the colourful candles and paper lanterns (and burning them too! haha).


  26. xin Says:

    it was raining last night and there was no clear bright moon

    CC: Oh, well, at least you see it here right! 😉


  27. Che-Cheh Says:

    Happy mooncake festival to you.

    CC: Thanks, same to you Che-Cheh! 😀


  28. Jeremy C Says:

    i nearly choked looking at that pic – it’s beautiful, really beautiful. love it so much 🙂

    and the prose… you are truly a poet

    pity though I can’t understand the mandarin version 🙁 still haven’t found that free personal translator yet…darn!

    CC: Thanks Jeremy, your words always brighten up my day!
    Keep on looking, she’s just around the corner, waiting! 😉


  29. peteformation Says:

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Nice shot of the moon!

    CC: Same to you pete! Thanks. 🙂


  30. doreen Says:

    Happy (belated) mid-autumn festival. Still no sight of a single moon cake here. 🙁

    CC: Happy belated mid-autumn to you too! You want me to post one to you? 😉


  31. jam Says:


    CC: 李白的這首詩令在異鄉的我感觸良多。中秋節快樂!


  32. rimus Says:



    CC: ho ciak!!! Same to you and your family rimus! 😀


  33. hp84 Says:

    happy belated mooncake festival 🙂

    CC: Thanks, happy belated mid-autumn to you too! 😀


  34. My Bug Life Says:

    Happy mid autumn to you and family CC!

    CC: Thanks, same to you! 😀


  35. miao Says:


    CC: 最閃耀的月光,在我們心中,燦放。


  36. Center Parted Says:

    Whenever its this time of the year, I can’t help but recall singing this song during my younger days….

    (月亮圆 by 山脚下的男孩)

    Wishing you and all your readers a happy belated mid-autumn!!

    CC: I think of that song this time of the year too! Used to listen to it long time ago.


  37. Daryl Says:

    Without the moon our nights would be so much the darker. It never ceases to amaze me that how a perfect round moon always made me considered the subtler questions i don’t care to ask myself during the day & how it has a way of putting things into perspective for me. Anyone feels that way too?

    Thank u so much for the beautiful pic, CC.
    And Happy Mooncake Festival!

    CC: I do. The beaming moon always has that effect on me.
    Happy Mid-Autumn to you too Daryl. 🙂


  38. simon Says:

    happy mid-autumn festival! the rabbit in the moon is pretty clear…

    CC: Catch the rabbit!! 😛


  39. _but Says:

    Happy Mooncake Festival to you 🙂

    was drizzling cold that mid-autumn festival night. no chance to ‘seung yuet’ (moon sighting)… 🙁

    CC: Well, the roundest moon is in our heart. 🙂


  40. _butT Says:

    just realized I missed a T in _butt! LOL

    CC: Haha… no worries. 🙂


  41. Yozoranitesky Says:

    Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival to you :D.. I love your blog and have put it into my Google Reader. the pictures are lovely too

    CC: Same to you! Thanks for dropping by, glad to hear that! See you around. 🙂


  42. huei Says:

    we were really close too..we looked at the same moon! XD

    CC: Yup, same bright round moon shining its rays on us! 😀


  43. TZ Says:

    Awesome shot… where u took this picture… I could hardly see the moon in KL downtown 🙂

    CC: Thanks! 🙂 It was taken on the summit of Mt Eden, Auckland.


  44. ahfu Says:

    yeah happy belated mooncake festival
    the mooncake in singapore now all 50%

    CC: Thanks. Maybe should have gotten those delicious treats a day later huh! 😉


  45. Choonie Says:

    中秋节快乐!That is a very nice pic. I tried to take a pic of the moon before but it is not very easy.

    CC: Same to you! Thank you! 🙂


  46. abeku Says:

    cc, shall suggest to you to stated the camera setting for all of your brilliant maybe all of us shall try it, especially myself, the newbie..

    CC: Thanks abeku, I’ll think about that. 🙂


  47. tekkaus Says:

    Nice shot CC! When will you open an exhibition to showcase all your “captures”? =)

    CC: Thank you!! I do hope I’ll be qualify for that one day in the distance future. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement.


  48. cordelia Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaa thats so pretty ;p.

    seeing the moon shining so brightly like that, i tend to miss my dear one too…

    but then again, miles apart but always close to heart right??~~~~

    nice shot!!

    CC: Thank you! We can sit right next to each other but feel worlds apart, and vicce versa. Distance doesn’t keep people apart, our mind does.


  49. Yin Hoon Says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    I love the photo…. and the moon! Did you take that? Very nice!

    CC: Thanks for dropping by Yin Hoon. Yes I took that. Thanks! 😀


  50. Season of whole | quaint melody Says:

    […] is taken just after midnight. The positioning of the moon seemed to be somewhat different from this time last year. It’s funny how the moon almost always brings out feelings of melancholy and notalsgia for […]

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