My mountain

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Mt Eden sunset . Spring 2008 . by cc
Sunset at Mt Eden. click photo to enlarge.

I always feel a strong sense of harmony when I’m atop a mountain. The winds, the view and the calm air all form into a feeling of enchantment. The pensive thoughts diminished and I’m able to find the inner-peace. Mountains have that magical spell on me. Here, I can set myself free in the oasis of serenity. The world of hustle and bustle is left behind, I can hear my innermost thoughts and hear the rhythm of my soul. No fancy frills and thrills, just magical moments with me and myself.

When I take in the serenity in the air
I hold on tight to my heart and soul
Embracing my live as it is
Rediscovering the charming moments in life
My world as I see it, can be as wonderful as I want it to be

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45 Responses to “My mountain”

  1. ai-ling Says:

    beautiful. i always enjoy ur posts. keep it up 🙂

    CC: Thanks for dropping by ai-ling! 😀


  2. emotionalistic Says:

    I love mountain climbing. The best part is the view you get to see at the top. 🙂

    CC: Yea, I love being on a mountain, seeing the the sky turning dark. So relaxing.


  3. miao Says:



    CC: 最近比較常去。喜歡那里的空气。


  4. nic Says:

    wow.. sunset… hey, u should wake up early to catch the sun rise next time… hehe ;)… it’s good to get away from the city and make friends with nature sometimes right? 😀

    CC: I will try! It’s hard to wake up early in the weekend. Haha…
    Yes, it’s very relaxing to be in nature.


  5. littlepolaris Says:

    Mt. Eden sounds familiar, where is it located? That is a beautiful picture that you took. =)

    CC: It’s in Auckland, in well, Mt Eden (the suburb is named after the mountain too!), very near to the city central. You can read more about it here.


  6. the constantly dramatic one Says:

    Hey CC, do you live in NZ currently. I was there ages ago, when I was 10. Like I say ages. Anyways there was this place call One Tree Hill?

    We went up there at night. It was damn cold. You ever been there?

    CC: Yes I live in NZ now. Yes, One Tree Hill is another volcanic peak in Auckland, it’s located in Cornwall Park. It’s very windy up there all year round, but somehow I find it thrilling to freeze my butt off up there. Haha.
    Well, now it’s no tree hill now, haha. The hundred-year-old tree stood next to the obelisk is chopped down in 2000. You can read about its tragic demise here. Now just the lonely obelisk left.


  7. Center Parted Says:

    Yet another brilliant photo… keep it up! 🙂

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  8. MisSmall Says:

    “My world as I see it, can be as wonderful as I want it to be.”

    How true. Half full, or half empty, it’s a state of mind.

    Great picture btw. 🙂

    CC: Yup, it’s all about perspective. Thanks! 😀


  9. Daryl Says:

    I had that same feeling of kinship, or harmony with nature,when i went up to Cape Point, S.A some years ago. Was atop the cape & from a distance both I and a stranger, a traveller like myself shared a pair of binoculars and watch a playful whale breaching along the beautiful shoreline and at that moment we were both held mesmerised by the cape’s beauty and being there I knew all at once that we were all God’s creatures even as the caucasian lady whispered softly, “There’s a God”. After that we parted ways safe in the comfort that we had both shared a defining and unforgettable moment.

    CC: That’s such a beautiful moment. It’s magical moment like this that makes us realise there’s no barrier and differences between people. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Kok Says:

    This is a very nice shot indeed. You can become my “si fu” in photography if you don’t mind!:P

    I love going on top of the mountain and enjoy the scenery there. It’s just awesome…

    CC: I’m not qualified to be si fu, there’s plenty of better photographers out there! But we can share our opinions and knowledge! 🙂


  11. the constantly dramatic one Says:

    They chopped it off? They CHOPPED IT OFF?!!!


    I am so upset by this. That’s like national heritage right? Bastards. God, I am so upset. =(

    CC: Yea they attacked the poor tree a few times and it has to be chopped off at the end because it was collapsing. Such a shame! It’s about 130 year-old tree I think. I’m very upset too as I didn’t get a chance to see the tree before they chopped it off!


  12. suituapui Says:

    Yes, I was at 1-tree Hill…with the tree in 1981 and without the tree in 2005. People see mountains as obstacles, challenges…but I love mountains – cool, rejuvenating, serene! Don’t like beaches!!!!

    CC: Yea the tree was chopped off in 2000. Why don’t you like beaches? It’s a very relaxing too!


  13. Monica Says:

    CC, have you been to mount Kinabalu? I’m sure you’ll like it 😉

    CC: No, i haven’t had a chance to go to east Malaysia before. Would love to go there in the near future!


  14. eiling Says:

    wow, i really like this picture of the sunset!

    CC: I was mostly captivated by the silhouette of the tree when I captured it. Came out pretty good. One of my favourites.


  15. foongpc Says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful picture! I loved mountains ever since I was small. The cool air, greeneries are very soothing to the soul. For city people like me, going to the mountains is one way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

    CC: Yes, all is left behind when I’m on top of a mountain, feel so free and calm.


  16. cbenc12 Says:

    ah.. i miss mountain, wif the fresh air and peaceful nature.. a great break from the city life!

    CC: You should go on top of one from time to time, to break away from that hectic city life.


  17. xin Says:

    yr photos are really inspiring 🙂 esp so for getting rid of monday blues.

    CC: Thank you! Glad it helps you too! 🙂


  18. Eryn Says:

    Wow! Nice picture. You went hiking? I’ve been lazy. Hehe.

    CC: Not really hiking, we drove all the way up, my husband’s toe is fractured, so can’t hike for now.


  19. SimpleAlex Says:

    You’ve just successfully stole a snapshot of beautiful mother nature, again… Thanks for sharing!!!!

    CC: I’m a thief! I steal nature’s images! I think mother nature won’t mind. 😉


  20. Yin Hoon Says:

    Are you a professional photographer? That could make a nice postcard 🙂

    CC: No, I’m far from it. Just an amateur snapping away! Thanks for your compliment! 😀


  21. aeroplane1234 Says:

    its nice shot, its perfect enuff, but say if u manage to catch it with some animals on em, then it can draw the attention away from the sun to the animal, which will give viewer different nature feel. but this good. love it.

    CC: I did captured a few with cows but I prefer this one as I was very captivated by the silhouette of the tree. Now, it would have been perfect if those cows are under the tree huh! Well, isn’t that life? We have to see through the imperfection and learn to embrace the beauty. Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it! 🙂


  22. Forever28 Says:

    I love to be on top of the mountain, but I know I can’t climb.

    Thanks for sharing your photos~ It is really a nice shot!

    CC: Well, you can drive up there then! Haha. Thank you! 🙂


  23. Kess' Mama Says:

    The picture is awesome. Being on top a mountain does help put things into perspective. I still remember when I climbed Mt Kinabalu years ago and witnessed sunrise. It made the climb so worthwhile.

    CC: I’d love to visit Mt Kinabalu one day, such a mystical place!


  24. Jeremy C Says:

    that is an enchanting picture…takes my mind to another world…

    if ever i become an author, you’ll be my official photographer 🙂

    CC: Oh, I’m so flattered! Thanks for the vote of trust Jeremy. Now, you go write a book! 😉


  25. abeku Says:

    I juz wondering how come you are always got a nice view,angle and place. What are you doing for living?

    CC: Thanks! You can do it too, just explore around and snap away, you never know what’s going to come up! If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep my profession under wrap for now, gotta remain a little anonymity! 😉


  26. doreen Says:

    Both mountains and beaches have this miraculous calming effect. They somehow bring peace into our minds.

    CC: I find both places relaxing but in different way. Mountains has a more mystical feeling to it and beaches are relaxing in a care-free way, if you know what i mean. 🙂


  27. Eric Y Says:

    What can i say about her photography skills? plus the way of describing it, is just great.

    I think this blog picture is not bad too

    CC: Thanks Eric! Appreciate your kind words. I’ll check that out! 🙂


  28. Tychi Says:

    Mountains, we have too, but it is not becoming so beautiful picture

    CC: Thanks! I think mountains are all beautiful in their own ways. 🙂


  29. bengbeng Says:

    amazing shot. i love the silhouette of the tree against the setting sun

    CC: Thanks, I was totally captivated by the silhouette of the tree in that moment.


  30. My Bug Life Says:

    Great sunset shot! I love sunset scenes 🙂

    CC: Thank you! I have taken a lot of sunset photos lately, perhaps time for a change. 🙂


  31. keeyit Says:

    I also like the feeling of being on the peak of the mountain to enjoy the view from the top.

    CC: It’s great isn’t it, the feeling of freedom and serenity.


  32. Kyels Says:

    That is a beautiful photo. I love it whenever I’m facing sunset or sunrise b/c it reinforces my strength that there’s still hope in this mad world.


    CC: Thank you. You’re right about that, sunsets and sunrises always signify hope. 🙂


  33. xynthian Says:

    I really like this photo of yours! Bravo.

    CC: Thank you! I like it too. 🙂


  34. calvin Says:

    another great photo from the maestro….keep it up.

    CC: Thanks! 😀


  35. tekkaus Says:

    Wow! Nice sunset. Though IMHO the tree in the front is a little obstructive. Ha =)

    CC: Well, can’t help that! 😉


  36. Neo Says:

    Another beautiful photo. The tree looks so mighty!

    CC: It does, doesn’t it!


  37. annant Says:

    nice sunset 😀
    em…i like sunset cos of da orangish sky 😀

    CC: Me too, the blend of orange into navy blue is so mesmerising. 🙂


  38. Elizabeth Says:

    This is a beautiful photo. I agree that being in nature only helps us to achieve inner peace. It is the best way to get close to being peaceful and is a shame that in our present society we spend so much time indoors. I try to take at least one long walk each day, but unfortunately I don’t have any beautiful mountains around me.

    CC: Thanks. Nature has that magical spell on everyone. Mountain or not we can all see the beauty of mother nature if we pay attention, right?!


  39. bidarlah Says:

    i have never sit down or sit still by the beach or anyway, to watch or experience the mood of sunset (and sunrise).

    but ur pic really capture the mood beautiful: from that warm orange glow of light pouring through the clouds and the darkness in the foreground. if only i can capture such serenity.

    CC: Thank you! You should try doing that, it’s very therapeutic.
    I’m sure you can capture such scene too.


  40. huei Says:

    amazingggg!!!!!!!!!! love the view!!

    CC: Thanks huei, it was a grand view. 🙂


  41. jam Says:

    cc, I finally google to find where is Mt. Eden. You are living on a volcano? But there you can get the best views over Auckland! Envy you!

    CC: No I’m not living on a volcano, it’s just a place I go quite often, situated in the city fringe. 🙂


  42. TmoT Says:

    inspirational photos, love em…

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  43. happysurfer Says:

    Very nice shot. Love it!

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  44. Victor Says:

    I love sunset so much..
    you done a great job!!

    CC: So do I! Absolutely amazing! Thank you. 🙂


  45. Chris Says:

    Absolutely georgeous. God’s creation at its best.

    CC: It really is!


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