Of love and broken hearts

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Mission Bay .  Winter 2008 .  by cc
Just before dark, Mission Bay. click photo to enlarge.

Why does the sky seems so grey
Is it because of me
There’s no one left in sight
I feel the world closing in

Of all the places I’ve been to
All the people I’ve seen
People come and go
But memories, the memories of them cast footprints in my heart

As time goes by, I learn it’s all the grand plan of life
Of all the love and broken hearts
Of all the victories and battles
We’ll rise and shine again

*I notice Akismet is recognising some regular comments as spam. Don’t be alarmed, I’m keeping an close eye on it. 😉

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40 Responses to “Of love and broken hearts”

  1. suituapui Says:

    So where do broken hearts go?

    P.S.: Good grief! Have I been spammed too? Come to think of it, makes sense! STP = SPAM, what you get in tins! Very fat! Hahahahahahahha!!!!

    CC: Deep in a corner of our hearts, there’s a room where you can see traces of the broken pieces.
    Since I love SPAM so much, it must mean I love STP!! 😀


  2. kreatiiv Says:

    nice poetry and pics.. 🙂

    CC: Hello, thank you! 🙂 Hope to see you around.


  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Yes life always does go on even when we are the most heartbroken and feel like everything is over it just keeps moving. Do people just get used to heartbreak with time? I think they probably are less stung by it because they know it will be coming.

    CC: I agree with you. Sometimes the pain is less intense because we’re numbed to it. But life does go on, and cliche as it is, time is the best medicine.


  4. emotionalistic Says:

    That is how i am feeling today. Soon everything will turned into memories.

    CC: And funnily enough, a few years down the road, when we look back, it won’t be that bad afterall. Hope you’re feeling ok now. 🙂


  5. eiling Says:

    When there’s night, there’ll be day. Every broken heart will be mend through time.

    CC: Just like ying and yang, everything has its balance.


  6. jam Says:


    CC: 好一句哀寞大于心死!我同意。


  7. huei Says:

    when the dark comes..wait a little while longer, the moon will shine with stars surrounding it! =D

    CC: Well said Huei! 🙂


  8. peteformation Says:

    I like the words “We’ll rise and shine again”!

    CC: 😀


  9. Liz aka Kess' Mama Says:

    The last stanza of the poem is what we should all focus on. The time will come when we will rise again again after a season of sadness.

    CC: Indeed, when face with sadness in our life, we should learn to focus on the positive things and remember however bad the situation is, it will pass.


  10. simon Says:

    poignant and sweet 🙂

    on a different note, akismet has been letting through lots of spam trackbacks recently.

    CC: Thank you! So far I haven’t had any trackback problem (touch wood!), it just keep trowing a few people’s comment to the spam bin. LOL


  11. Daryl Says:

    People are good at compensating. We just fill our lives with other things. It does not always help but life goes on.

    CC: You’re right, we all have that in us, it’s our survivor’s instinct.


  12. nic Says:

    that’s thought-provoking… which one comes first? the photo or the poetry?

    CC: The photo. 😉


  13. day-dreamer Says:

    Agreed. *hugs* for you. 🙂

    CC: *Hugs* for you too. 😀


  14. Jemima Says:

    No love can cross our destiny’s path without leaving some mark on it forever.

    CC: How true! It is those marks that make our life colourful.


  15. JustJasmine Says:

    I wanna rise and shine too, CC!

    CC: All in good time my friend! 🙂


  16. _but Says:

    God always have the best plan for us. =)

    CC: You’re right, but we have to realise it ourselves.


  17. bidarlah Says:

    the title reminded me of whitney’s where do broken hearts goes?

    nice words, i love:

    memories of them cast footprints in my heart.

    very true.

    CC: Thank you! 🙂
    I like that song, she used to be so good.


  18. xin Says:

    i like this poem! how true.. ppl will leave foot prints in our heart

    CC: Glad you do. Those foot prints form memories, and we’ll come to treasure them in days to come. 🙂


  19. doreen Says:

    We will, only if we believe!

    CC: Belief is important, yes. 🙂


  20. BaLQiZ Says:

    A journey in life is meaningless without leaving traces of broken hearts behind coz without it, you dont learn anything.

    And yes, they call it “broken heart” coz Mad Cow Disease is already taken

    CC: You are so right BaLQiZ. Those very memories are what make our journey colourful.
    You always crack me up! 😀


  21. mistipurple Says:

    BaLQiZ is funny. moooooooo..

    CC: She sure is!! I love her wicked sense of humour. 😀


  22. Che-Cheh Says:

    We survive on memories. Memories of the past, current and future.

    CC: We do! Memories are something we hold dear to our hearts.


  23. Jeremy C Says:


    broken hearts can be mended through time, but there’ll always be scars left…

    i guess that’s how we grow.

    CC: True, and overtime, they turn into memories, memories we treasure.


  24. team.warsurfer Says:

    Lovely pic !

    CC: Thank you! 😀


  25. Forever28 Says:

    This is the process of life. Something that we cannot avoid once we are in the community.

    CC: So let’s go along the ride and make the best of it! 🙂


  26. annant Says:

    with time, we might get over da heart-breaking
    with time, we might heal

    sigh, it’s gonna leave a scar which will still remind us about da heart-breaking event 🙁

    CC: Ironically, the scars are going to be remembered with fondness as time goes by.


  27. terence Says:

    Hello 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog.

    The pics on ur blog are so beautiful! 🙂 U muz have a good camera. But most importantly, u are good in photo-taking too.

    I am using Sony DSLR Alpha100. Still learning. Hee 😛

    Stay in touch.

    CC: Thank you for visiting, and your compliments too! We’re all on a learning process. Happy snapping! Hope to see you around. 🙂


  28. Penny Says:

    Great picture.. you always have great pics, make me jealous.

    CC: Thank you! You can do it too! It’s a never-ending learning process, let’s learn together! 🙂


  29. yung . Says:

    How come there are no stars in the sky?! HOW COME!!

    CC: Stars are rare on a winter night. It makes the lone moon even more beautiful I think.


  30. M Says:

    It’s a circle of what life is all about isn’t it? To love is to live and to live is to give love

    CC: You summed it up perfectly!


  31. cbenc12 Says:

    de color of de sky is amazing.. another great photo! 😉

    CC: Thank you! It was an amazing scene, I felt deeply that very moment.


  32. steph Says:

    “footprints in my heart”… i love it! =)

    CC: Thanks, I love it too! 🙂


  33. shionge Says:

    Yep!! Rise & Shine – Never Give UP 🙂

    CC: Never! 🙂


  34. tekkaus Says:

    That’s part an parcels of life. There is rise and there must be fall. It’s not how many times we fall and rise that matters. What matter the most is how we rise above all hardship. Well, God is helping you indirectly…If He take you every blow, you’ll never grow right? Adversities has its advantages.

    P.s.: You are so darn good with photography huh! Care to teach? LOL =D

    CC: It’s all part of the journey, the broken pieces are those form the memories we’ll come to cherish.
    Thanks for your compliment. I’m just an amateur snapping away, let’s share and learn together! ;D


  35. happysurfer Says:

    Just like the yin and the yang, we need both the sweet and the bitter to spice up our life, don’t we? Have a wonderful w/e, CC.

    CC: Balance and moderation are very important. You have a great weekend too! 🙂


  36. kaycee Says:

    love the photo as well as the poem…. =)

    CC: Thanks kaycee! You have a great weekend! 😀


  37. abeku Says:

    I pretty wondering..how could you have a lot of creative idea to snap all the good photo. I am really admire it. Do you go for professional training in photography before or just a self thought.

    CC: No professional training in photography. I pretty much just snap anything I find interesting. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a creative husband too, we bound ideas off each other. I learn a lot of technical skills from him. 😀 Thanks for the compliment.


  38. hm Says:

    wah…this pic touch my heart before i really read the poem

    CC: I’m glad to hear that. Thank you! 🙂


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