A blast of yesteryear – Cambridge Satchel Company

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A blast of yesteryear comes in a nostalgic red, in a form of The Cambridge Satchel Company 13″ classic satchel. Hand-made in lovely leather with very sturdy construction, the satchel is just the right size and light, perfect for a day out. With personalized blind embossing, It’s all love ❤. It took about 15 days from placing order to delivery from UK, no complains there.

p/s: this is most definitely not an ad, just sharing a lovely thing. 😉

There’s a thing in my pocket

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I’m sure most of you who watches TV must have seen this one before. It’s that ad for Nokia N95. I must have watched this like hundreds of times, and yet I’m still strangely drawn to it. The commercial has a strange sense of life and make you feel like you can relate to it.
Love the tag line,
it’s not one thing, it’s many.

*this is NOT a paid post*LOL
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Filler post – Engrish.

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Judy emailed these funny Engrish pictures to me some time ago. I’ve seen similar ones around, heck I’ve seen some in real life. Nonetheless, good for a laugh! 😀

want to self-terminate?

Now that is something I’m dying to try.

Help flood victim in Malaysia by shopping!

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Self-made fashion designer YC is selling some of her unique creations for a good cause. She will be auctioning off some items from her lines, Blackjettas and Drama Mama. The auction is clossing on 1 Feb. Please visit her blog for more information.

Do you want to own a piece of these one-of-a-kind dresses?