A blast of yesteryear – Cambridge Satchel Company

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A blast of yesteryear comes in a nostalgic red, in a form of The Cambridge Satchel Company 13″ classic satchel. Hand-made in lovely leather with very sturdy construction, the satchel is just the right size and light, perfect for a day out. With personalized blind embossing, It’s all love ❤. It took about 15 days from placing order to delivery from UK, no complains there.

p/s: this is most definitely not an ad, just sharing a lovely thing. 😉


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Blurry Lights . Winter 2008 . by cc
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Sitting in the dark, breathing in the cold air, feeling somewhat serene and enlighten.
Inner peace seem to finally find its way to my heart.
Just in time.
24/7, comes the day that I always look forward to as a child.
Happy Birthday to me.
Here’s to good things!


When thank you seems to fall short

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What if you have someone in your life who will always be there for your?
What if they stick with you even at times you shut them out?
What if they will do anything for you at a drop of a hat?
What if you feel so appreciative that words fail to express the emotions?
What if thank you just seems to be such an empty word?

minion vs the giant

Ecstaticism came in a form of a cool black casing mechanism that is Nikon D80 this winter. An early birthday gift from my loved ones. Happy is not enough to describe the waves of emotions I’m feeling right now. Thank you so much! I am truly overwhelmed.

I’ve been using the good old Sony Cybershot T30 for quite a while. While it is a good little point-and-shoot camera, it is just not able to take those money shots. I’ll make sure to deliver some great photos and try to make full use of my new gadget from now on! The party is on! 😀

Home sweet home

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What have I been up to? Well, I’ve been bitten by the home redecoration bug, so have been spending every free moment, redecorating around the house. Did I mention I love home deco? I do! Most people dread moving house, all the packaging and the cleaning chores drive them crazy. Well, not me. I love packing and cleaning, I see it as a chance to rediscover the bits and pieces that have been packed away and forgotten. It’s also a great chance to decorate another new place! What more can a girl ask for?! Oh, I’m so growing into a neat freak. It’s hard to believe this is a girl who couldn’t even manage to keep her bedroom floor free from clutter growing up. Really, when I was a teenager, my bedroom floor was literally covered by everything imaginable. My dad even threaten to publish the photo he took, to no avail of course. Ha. My parents must be so proud now, they must not in their wildest dream have thought that their little girl would grow up to be a neat freak today. 😛 So parents out that, there’s no need to sweat over your teenagers’ messy rooms, all hope is not lost. Heh.

I love the old country look in home deco. Spent countless hours online and offline hunting for that aged pieces with a story behind it. I love to look at that light scratch or worn part of the furniture, they tell a story and add much character to them. A clean freak who loves old pieces, can you imagine how much cleaning go into each piece before it’s deemed usable again?! Here I share bit and pieces of my humble abode, a place I can feel totally relax and at ease; a place filled with love and joy.

click on the thumbnails to enlarge (duh!)
Welcome to my humble abode My living room Coke CD cabinet Magazine holder Dining area Living corner
Kitchen sign Home rules! Cuppa coasters Bottle collection home deco Handmade quilt
Bottle collection Letter holder Wooden box Laundry deco
Home office Toilet door sign Rabbit hook Master bedroom bedside table Guest room
Guest room My lovely bed Evening sun on office wall during wintertime Small deco

Wow, that’s a lot of work figuring out how to do that thumbnail thing. Ha. Actually it’s easy, just took me some time to figure that out. Now, I invite you to share your home photos with me too. 🙂

Hohoho, time to sort out that gift list

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It’s that time of the year again, time flew by while we were sipping coffee and blog-hopping. With Christmas around the corner, people are all busy shopping around for that perfect gift for someone special. Gift shopping is a daunting task for some. Well, not me. I’ve thought of perfect gifts for those who’re on my list this year. Here’s a sneak peek into the gifts I’ve chosen. An Deluxe Band Saw from Tool King Coupons for Mr K‘s DIY crazed uncle, some lovely beddings from Delia’s Coupons for my cousin and books from Amazon.com Coupons for my bookworm sister-in-law, just to name a few. The best part is, I don’t even need to spend hours looking for these fantastic gifts. I found them all at CouponChief.com, where thousands of coupons and bargains are being offered. So now that you know my secret weapon for gift shopping, you can ease off that panic mood and cruise through the ordeal without raising an eyebrow too!

Warning: yellow creatures roaming town

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I sure have a habit of starting something and wondering away. There are a lot of unfinished posts in my folder. Anyway, here comes the much awaited post continued from the snippet posted a month ago. So much for the ‘coming soon’. Haha.

The Simpsons Movie posters, Hoyts Sylvia Park.

That’s right, laughters come in forms of little yellow fellows this season. As my previous snippet suggested, who could that be, other than the great and legendary characters, THE SIMPSONS! Yes, our yellow friends finally made it to the big screen. After months and months of agonizing anticipation, (not to mention the many repeated viewing of the previews) The Simpsons Movie is finally here, and I must say, the wait was most definitely worth it. It is the funniest movie! I highly recommend this hilarious movie, of course it is most rewarding to the Simpsons fans, but you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not an avid fan. Bottom line, this is the must-see movie of the year! Go watch it if you haven’t done so. 😉

We went to watch the movie the weekend it opened, in the all new Hoyts cinema at Sylvia Park shopping centre, which claims to have the biggest silver screen in the world. I’m sure that record will soon be beaten by the next big cinema somewhere around the world, but for now, we have the biggest here. OK then, as long we’re clear about that one. LOL. I don’t really care about the screen, but the seats sure are a lot more comfortable, with more leg spaces too! (not that my short stumps need that, but yeah for MR K!)

OK, enough of the useless details, I know most of you just jump straight to the pictures anyway. ;P

Photo opportunity with The Simpsons family!

There’s a booth set up for photo session with the Simpsons family! (it’s been taken down now.) Some people kept going up to press the remote in homer’s hand. LOL.

Special Simpsons combo, with donut top soda!

Of course, the movie experience wouldn’t be complete without the special Simpsons combo, a huge tub of popcorn and a big cup of soda with a donut top! Woohoo! (May I add that a certain 31 year-old boy(!!) was giggling from ear to ear the moment he saw that).

Take a photo with bart and homer after the show!

After the movie, we stepped out only to be greeted by Bart and Homer! What a great surprise!
Of course a certain kiasu woman had to rush up to take a photo with them, though some annoying kids insisted to be in my photos. LOL.


For some reason, people kept walking up to Homer and poke his eyes. Haha.

Special bart toaster

We saw this Bart toaster in K-mart the other day. Some sucker almost wanted to bring it home. According to the said person, eating toasted bread from the special Bart toaster will make your day happy. ;P

Various merchandises for The Simpsons movie, K-mart

Various merchandises in K-mart.

Duff beer bottle opener

We did bring a piece of duff home, a duff beer bottle opener. Hehe.

FOOTNOTE: Watched Saw on DVD over the weekend. We bought the DVD long time ago but somehow manage to wait so long before watching it. Brilliant movie, one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve seen! Can’t wait to watch the 2 sequels.
By the way, should I be concern that of all the gory and psychotic scenes, all I could think about was how I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in that disgustingly scummy bathroom?!

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A cool storage for tools

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Like most men, Mr K takes pride in our garage. I could imagine his joy when he visited carguygarage.com, a website that sells a huge range of garage products. He was immediately fixated on the stainless steel tool box category and has been ranting on about how cool such boxes are. They come in various styles and we both like the stainless steel 4 drawer garage roller cabinet. It has easy mobility and the drawers are a perfect way of classifying tools according to usage. Now, Mr K has no excuse to leave his tools lying around.

*kindly sponsored by carguygarage.com*

Those were the days

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Gloomy weather, Auckland.

It’s been raining every day lately, cold and wet winter days, makes me want to snuggle in my warm bed and do nothing all day. I always feel nostalgic in gloomy weather, thinking of the sound of heavy rain drops on the roof when I was a kid. Sweet memories.

In a nostalgic mood lately. I was chatting with Davin (who writes about his new life in Canada, with lots of interesting photos) over MSN and we started talking about our childhood and the things we used to collect in those years. Why someone so young is so nostalgic, I wonder? Maybe he has an old soul? Just joking Davin. (Eh, did I just imply that I’m old? NO! I’m youthful, I’m full of youth!)

Anyway, I digressed. As a young teenager, I used to collect a lot of things. From the usual stamps, first day covers, erasers, stickers to the unusual tissue paper wrapper. Major head-scratching moment on the last one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s those wrappers from small individual packaged tissue paper packs. Haha, lidat also want to collect. But you’d be amazed the various designs they used to produced back then. Not sure whether they still do, haven’t used those tissue packs for a long time. My collection was up to the hundred mark I think. I collected them from my friends and family, then flatten them in between pages of heavy books. It was quite a ‘in’ thing to do amongst the girls then.

Of course, let’s not forget about the ever-so-popular stamps and first day covers. I spent many years in my childhood collecting them. Well, I’m sure many have. Though towards the end it was not so much of me collecting but my mom. Heh. All these collections are neatly kept in stamp books and first day cover holders, and kept in a big box back at home now. I call it a box of memories. Along with the stamps and first day covers, are books of stickers, diary(heh, girly talks), some souvenirs, yearbooks, old address books, photos, letters and postcards. Every time I go back, I would open the box and look through its contents for hours, reminiscing the old days. Every single item in there represents a feeling, a momentous, a story, a part of me. They remind me the different facets of my life that I’ve been through.

Ever since I come to New Zealand, I’ve been keeping a box too. Inside, there are letters, postcards, dried leaves(yes, I collected those), dairy, photos and more letters. I used to write a lot when I first came here, when I was a lonely student with some language barrier. Not anymore, since I made new friends and abandoned those back home. Haha, joking! Everybody just became lazy and stopped writing eventually. Well, we still do every now and then. Just not the mountainous volume that was back then.

box of memories

I treasure these boxes of memories dearly. For I imagine to pass them to my children one day, maybe many years down the road, when I have become an old lady. To let them know of my days and thoughts. To serve as some sort of memoir, a mark of my existence.

Memories, good and bad, all be treasured, all be buried in the deepest of my heart.

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