Tool of the trade

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If you’ve even gone through a re-modeling exercise of your own, you know how painstaking the process can be. A friend of mind is going through such ordeal recently. Now, kitchen is arguably one of the most important area so you don’t want to mess that up! With all the brands and choices in the market but no idea which company to choose from. Her top priority is to shop for a good stainless steel sink that is low maintenance and easy to match with her shiny appliances. On a search online the other day, I came across Shop Sinks and Faucets that offers a variety of fixtures at affordable prices! As a remodeling dummy I never knew there’s so many different types of stainless steel sinks! They also offer same day shipping and which is always a plus point! It definitely is worth checking out. On we go for another round of shopping online!

Hohoho, time to sort out that gift list

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It’s that time of the year again, time flew by while we were sipping coffee and blog-hopping. With Christmas around the corner, people are all busy shopping around for that perfect gift for someone special. Gift shopping is a daunting task for some. Well, not me. I’ve thought of perfect gifts for those who’re on my list this year. Here’s a sneak peek into the gifts I’ve chosen. An Deluxe Band Saw from Tool King Coupons for Mr K‘s DIY crazed uncle, some lovely beddings from Delia’s Coupons for my cousin and books from Coupons for my bookworm sister-in-law, just to name a few. The best part is, I don’t even need to spend hours looking for these fantastic gifts. I found them all at, where thousands of coupons and bargains are being offered. So now that you know my secret weapon for gift shopping, you can ease off that panic mood and cruise through the ordeal without raising an eyebrow too!

Breathing new life to your garage

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I was admiring the whole new look of my home interior the other day but got totally gobsmacked when I went to the garage area. The good old concrete floor is covered with unsightly oil stains and cracks. God knows I’ve spent all the time decorating the interior of the house and totally neglected the garage flooring! Well, it’s never too late to savage that good old floor! Help is always not far away, a few clicks of the mouse and I found this perfect shade of red garage floor tile to revamp and give my garage a whole new look. Now, that ‘s what I call a complete look.

A cool storage for tools

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Like most men, Mr K takes pride in our garage. I could imagine his joy when he visited, a website that sells a huge range of garage products. He was immediately fixated on the stainless steel tool box category and has been ranting on about how cool such boxes are. They come in various styles and we both like the stainless steel 4 drawer garage roller cabinet. It has easy mobility and the drawers are a perfect way of classifying tools according to usage. Now, Mr K has no excuse to leave his tools lying around.

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Invoice Factoring For Immediate Cash Flow

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Mr K and I run a home-based business and we know how important it is to always have a healthy cash flow. Sometimes, it takes time to get paid when an invoice has been issued and this could affect business. With Invoice Factoring, accounts receivable invoices are purchased at a small discount for immediate cash flow. A good place to outsource accounts receivables collection is AIM Business Capital. Their website is very user-friendly and has all the information you need about invoice factoring. It tells you about businesses having immediate access of up to 95% of the face value of invoices. Funds are usually available within 24 hours after submission and verification of such invoices. With AIM, you can now have the cash flow you need when you need it. Now that is what I call good business sense.

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Dating for goths

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Attention to everyone who’s into goth scene out there. There’s a new goth dating site for you. It is a dating community site created specially for all Goths. My friend G is into all things gothic, and it can be quite hard for her to meet the like minded, especially goth guys. Well, seems to be the perfect solution for her, or anyone with similar interest! Joining is free, you can upload your photos, write a little about yourself and start browsing thousands of profiles. There is bound to be someone you find interesting. Try them today, you might find that special someone soon!

Decorative baby showers

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One of the new cultures I experienced after living in NZ for a few years is baby shower. It is a celebration party for the expected mother, normally threw by close friends and family. Typically a small gathering with people bringing fun gifts and food. Ive attended a few baby showers over the years and its always fun to see the decorations being put up!

As you know, I love decorating, in any kinds. Baby showers are very fun to plan, but it can be hard to look for supplies on the deco, especially when you want to have fun with baby shower themes. Thats where PartyPail comes in extremely handy. They supply various kits on baby shower themes. Like this cute theme, Red Wagon Baby Shower. he welcome kit consists everything you basically need for a fun baby shower. Like invitations, snack plates, confetti and more! Their services are definitely useful for anyone who are planning for a fun baby shower!

Red Wagon Baby Shower

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Vacation planning

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Ive been wanting to visit Las Vegas ever since I watched the TV series CSI and Las Vegas. It is such a vibrant and colourful city with its extensive range of activities. The city that never sleeps, and with things so over-the-top yet strangely exciting. Where else in the world would you find Eiffel Tower, The Pyramid, Statue of Liberty and Sphinx all in the same place?! Other than that, Ive always had a thing about hotels, and its sufficient to say that Las Vegas is one city where the hotels are one of the many major attractions. It is definitely on my next-to-travel list.

Before I travel, I like to do some research on my destination and get to know more about it, like some background, local attractions, restaurants and entertainment etc. It can be troublesome to look for all these information at times, but I found them all in SiteStep, a one stop search engine for all your travel needs. They provide comprehensive information of everything you need before traveling to a city, like hotel reservations, various Cheap Airlines to get there, and even vacation packages. Its a very convenient site to help plan your holiday. With its user friendly interface and functions, now even vacation planning can be easy and fun.