Winning the ongoing battle – weight loss

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Ask any women, what is their number one priority of all time? The answer probably is, to keep fit. It’s a n ongoing mission for us. We all want to be in great shape and there are ways to do it. Some go on a crash-course diet and shed as many pounds as they can in the shortest time possible; some exercise like crazy and some prefer to believe in some recipes that swear to help lose weight fast. But the truth is, there are no short cuts for that. The ideal way to lose weight is to control your diet in a healthy way, and exercise.

Of course, knowing is one thing, but how many of us can do it religiously and correctly? That’s where I found this great website MyFitnessPal to be extremely helpful and informative. It is a free diet and fitness website to assist you to lose weight the healthy way. Membership is free (no strings attached there!), and upon logging in, you’re shown a calorie intake summary that has been calculated based on your weight and height. The best feature is their calorie counter, you can keep track on your food intake and exercise on daily basis. The ultimate goal is to learn how to make good food choices and lead a healthy lifestyle. There is even a community forum for the like-minded to support each other. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a really great way to assist on healthy weight loss. Go check it out and see for yourself!

The silent killer – Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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I came across this clip on Julie’s Journal and I would like to share it with you all, especially female readers. We’re all aware of breast cancer and ways of detecting the symptoms, but now there is this new kind called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It is rare but aggressive and the symptoms are different from what we have been educated about breast cancer. Apparently there’s not a lot of awareness about this kind of breast cancer and I thought you should know about it, as if you could recall, I wrote about my breast cancer scare back then (with booklet information about breast cancer, go and read that too!).

Please take a moment and watch the 6 minutes clip. It’s information we should all know.

More information:
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Q & A
IBC Symptoms

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Lifting to safety

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Have you heard of air ambulance services? I’ve never thought that such services exist! Apparently it is a service for patient transport, with state-of-the-art medical equipment and a professional medical team on board. I suppose their service comes in handy for emergency medical rescues like airlifting to hospitals or those patients who need to get to a long distance destination safely in a short time. Air Ambulance‘s medical team members are all well-trained in flight physiology, and they are there to ensure the patients and their families reach their destination safe and sound. It’s good to know that’s such service you can call on should a situation arise, wherever you should be.

Women talk – bra fitting

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Today I would like to talk about a woman topic, so men, if you’re not interested, just read on anyway. Heh.

bra fitting

As women, we all know how important a good bra is. No matter you are a AA or DD, it is essential to have a bra that fits and provides good support or things will start to go down south. Which brings me to my topic today. Have you been to a bra fitting? If so, what made you do it? To tell you the truth, I’d never been to one before I came to New Zealand. I don’t think they really provide this service back home? Well, I maybe wrong but I didn’t get that offered before. Dummy here knew so little about bra back then. What type of bra is suitable? What do the numbers and alphabet mean? How long/high should the ‘girls‘ hang? Those questions circled my mind at one point or another, but I was too paiseh (shy) too ask. Well, they were all answered when I went for my bra fitting for the first time.

Bra fitting

My first experience was a few years back when I was bra shopping. I saw the poster in one of the store that offered discounts if you get your bra fitted. I had thought about that for some time and finally decided, well why not?! We’re all girls, no need to be shy. You know, us Asian tends to be a bit shy about our body. My mama said cannot show it to others wor. So it did take a bit of courage for me to take the plunge and let some stranger help me with the fitting. And boy, was that a funny yet educational experience. Luckily, the lady was very experienced and understood my paisehness(shyness), so she did put me at ease and told me so much I didn’t know about bra. Haha.

You’d think most women know the correct bra size for ourselves since it is something essential to our everyday-life, but no! According to the fitting lazy, you’d be amazed how many people have been wearing the wrong size all their life. That, my friend, is actually quite bad for your breasts, as it may lead to pre-mature sagging, we don’t want that do we?! I learned a lot that day and asked some questions I felt shy to ask anyone before. I really highly recommend it if you feel comfortable to do so. It is really not that bad, they won’t laugh at your fat or anything. These are bra professionals who have seen hundreds of women in bras before lah. Go ahead, try and thank me later. It is very important to choose the correct size and style. Your ‘girls’ will thank you and won’t ‘let you down’! 😉

Bra fitting

Still not quite ready yet? Well, here I bring you some bra fitting tips.


You know youve picked a dud bra when

  • You spend your whole day trying to get those darn underwires to stop digging into your flesh.
  • The straps are constantly falling down quicker than incy wincy spider.
  • You have a not so contoured outline through your tee-shirt, otherwise known as the double decker look.
  • Feel like the back-strap of the bra is riding so far up your back its about to come right around and blindfold your eyes
  • All of the above!

The thing with underwear, lingerie if you will, is that it should feel like youre wearing nothing at all. Beauty shouldnt come at a cost, especially not one that involves any of the above scenarios.

Bra buying is a fairly daunting task. What it isnt, however, is rocket science. Taking another one for the team, the nzgirls went on the hunt to find the intimate details of your intimates. We spoke with Katrina VanDijk, a bra-fitting maestro from Berlei.

Firstly, how to get the right fit

  • Before you even put the bra on, ensure straps are completely loosened when first putting on bra. The straps should rest firmly and comfortably on the shoulders without cutting into the flesh. Straps should be adjusted enough to have the breasts lifted and sitting half way between the shoulder and elbow.
  • Fasten the hook and eye in the middle, this will give you the option later to loosen or tighten as required.
  • The back gore/strap should sit low and should be pulled down beneath the shoulder blades. If the back gore is too high it will give a saggy bustline.
  • Centre the breast in the bra ensuring the nipple is in the centre of the cup, this will give a nicer shaped bustline. You can do this by leaning forward letting the breasts drop into the bra.
  • Lastly put on some clothing to ensure you are happy with the shape you have created.

Its still not quite right

If you spend the entire day pulling up the straps, so much so youve developed some fairly decent biceps, then

  • Reduce cup by one size
  • Straps lost elasticity time to replace bra
  • Shoulders are sloped, require a bra with tapered back shoulder straps.

You feel like the backstrap is about to become a blindfold because its riding up so much…

  • Try a tighter hook
  • Loosen straps the back gore should sit halfway between your elbow and shoulder
  • Bra is too big or has lost elasticity.

Youve got the weight of the world on your shoulders, or at least some nasty red marks…

  • Loosen straps slightly
  • A more supportive bra is required.
  • A bra with wider or padded straps is required.

Youre not so keen on the Double-Decker look.

  • Increase the cup size by one
  • Try a fuller cupped bra

The cups are crinklier than Grandmas hands or the bra isnt sitting flat.

  • Trying dropping a cup size

It feels like the underwires are attempting to dig through your chest all the way to China.

  • The band or cup is too small increase size.

info from nzgirl

Here are more info for your reading pleasure:
Bra Queen
Fitting Room – Get The Right Bra Size and Fit
Bra Fitting Advice – How to measure and fit your ideal bra

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A Different Kind Of Addiction

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We were all addicted to something at some stage in our lives. For some, it was the ‘occasional’ smoking; for others it was delving into much darker indulgence like; drugs and/or alcohol. While it’s easy to see why some of us managed to quit smoking without suffering much society backlash, those who were druggies or alcoholics weren’t as lucky. I am a firm believer that everybody deserves a second chance, and at Stone Hawk Drug Rehabilitation Center, drug and alcohol-quitting has never been such a pleasure.

The narconon advocated by Stone Hawk is indeed a rare gem. They do not use any sorts of drug. Its combination of proper nutrition and nutritional supplements ensures a drug and alcohol free environment. The high success rate is testimony to the effectiveness of the program. The only addiction Stone Hawk residents have become accustomed to is for a better quality of living and a chance of appreciating the most valuable thing in life; our well being.

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The booby trap.

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I would like to share my experience about breast cancer awareness.

In September 2005, I had a little breast scare. One day when I was in the shower, I felt a small lump under my right breast. At first, I didn’t think much about it. But after a few times feeling the same lump at the same place, my conscious started kicking in and I decided to visit my GP and seek professional opinions. My GP suggested an ultrasound, though she reckoned it shouldn’t be anything serious.

A few days later, I was in the lab having an ultrasound. After the in-house doctor reviewed the scan, I was told to undergo a mammogram test as well. The nurse who handled the scan was not the friendliest person and was being very rough.

I received a phone call from my GP a few days later to inform me that I have been referred to a women’s clinic to do a further core biopsy. It was quite a scary experience, not because of the pain (didn’t really feel painful as my threshold is quite high), but the result. The doctor applied some local anaesthetic on the lower right breast area, and under the guidance of ultrasound, a needle was injected to collect some tissue from the lump. It was over in 5 minutes. That was not the scariest part though. It was when I had to go home and wait a week for the analysis. That was the longest and most agonising 7 days I have ever experienced.

Luckily for me, the lump turned out to be Fibreadenomas, which is benign and commonly found in younger women. I cannot describe my relief.

This incident made me realised how important health is. We really shouldn’t take it for granted. In everyday life, it’s too easy for us to overlook the important issues. Hence, this post to share my experience and some information about breast cancer.

These are 2 brochures distributed by The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness about breast cancer. It includes some important facts and information. Please spend some time to read it and feel free to forward it to your friends. It could save your life.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Breast self examiniation

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