Snipet of Shanghai

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Your voice behind the garish light
It’s the loudest silence echoing in my heart

妳繁華里的滄桑  無言的  沈寂在喧囂里
幽幽的訴說著  前塵往事

Season of whole

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Mid-autumn moon . Spring 2009 . by cc
Happy Mid-autumn Festival! 千古明月 慶中秋

It is still the same, the bright round sphere,
shining behind veils of thin clouds.
I gazed upon the illuminating moon, looking for that wonderland
In that faraway land where mystical tales live long,
Where dreams are realised and smiles beam bright.


It’s been cloudy with occasion showers throughout the day, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see the moon tonight. Just a little after midnight I gazed upon the sky, and there it is, rays shining through my window sills. The photo is taken just after midnight. The positioning of the moon seemed to be somewhat different from this time last year. It’s funny how the moon almost always brings out feelings of melancholy and notalsgia for me. Must be the occasion. It’s the season of longing and love, it’s the season of whole.
Now tell me, did you see the moon tonight and how did it make you feel?


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Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009
Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009
Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009 Tulips for you . by cc . Winter 2009

Smile blossomed on your face, like a river flowing deep into my heart.
We laughed, cried, simply being silly together.
This winter . two souls . one heart
We’re finally home.

妳看到花,笑了。然後,我也跟著笑。 一切盡在不言中。


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Time . Winter 2009 . by cc
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It is funny, how quickly you move
Flowing through those happy moments in the blink of the eye
It is merciless how slowly you drag on
Through the dark and hollow hours

I am lost
In the waft that is time…

It is moments like this I shall persevere
Resting like a bear in hibernation
Long as I could I wait
For the idyllic days won’t be far
Longing for the psychedelic lights
Shinning upon me once again

我拼命想抓住那 時間的沙流
卻怎麼只有 空洞的風

Morning delight

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Parcel from afar . Autumn 2009
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It was the perfect way to start the day. I woke up to a knock on my front door.
A box of delights was sent from afar, by an angel who’s close to my heart.
It is little delight like this that makes life beautiful.

What was the delight that made your day?

Touched by an angel

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Touch of an Angel . by cc . Summer 2009
Girl . Lake Wanaka . Summer 2009 click photo to enlarge.

I was touched by an angel
In a sunny afternoon

The innocence in her eyes
It touches my heart
So pure, so full of hope.

I wish to grasp the moment
Hold it close to my heart
Still, it starts to diminish, as time goes by

Though, I’ll never forget that beautiful encounter
The sunny rays from an angel




終究還是  漸行漸遠

A complete moment

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Fireworks . Jan 2009
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It was a beautiful moment, all 11 and a half minutes of it.
I wished the moment would never end,
not because of the grandeur and excitement of it all,
but simply, us being together;
A family, a circle,
hearts are completed.

Happy Chinese New Year my friends, I wish you a very fabulous holiday.

There she goes again…

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Mid-air . 2009
Mid-air . 2009 click photo to enlarge.

Where has she gone, you wonder.
To the grandeur of an adventure or in the mist of mysterious waves;
To the depth of hidden treks or the exotic land?
Where, where has she been to?
To the grand central of the world stage or that neverland where dreams are made of?

It’s grand, it’s dense, it’s a jubilant of magnificent.
All great things are worth a little wait.
Don’t you agree?

Oh the things you’ll see when she’s back,
The great tales she’ll tell.
She promises it won’t be long, just a little while longer.
Here, she bids you good night, for the first time in this new beginning of visual explosions.
‘I’ll be back’, her voice echoes over and yet again.